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5 Best Free Data Recovery Software For Android


What steps will you take in the event that part or all of the data on your phone is lost? When something like this occurs in one’s life, the majority of individuals give up hope. However, there is no need for you to be concerned since there are several free Android data recovery software tools available that can simply retrieve any data that you have lost.

What Is The Best Free Android Data Recovery Software?

You may already be aware, as a user of an Android phone, that Android phones do not come equipped with a recycling bin in which all of your deleted data is automatically stored. However, clever programmers have developed a variety of Android data recovery software packages that are capable of resolving any and all problems associated with the loss of data.

It is quite tough to determine which data recovery software application is the best due to the growing number of options that are now available on the market. This article will educate you on the eight free software packages that have been hand-picked as being the finest at recovering lost data from Android devices. First, let’s get a few things straight before they can assist you in selecting the most appropriate software for your needs. They will certainly be of assistance in this regard.

If you run into the problem of losing data from your Android phone, you will want to find the finest free data recovery software or applications to assist you in retrieving the lost data again. The very best free tool for Android data recovery need to be able to retrieve the information you’ve lost from your Android phone in a very short amount of time and with no complications whatsoever. In addition, you won’t have to shell out any money in order to take use of this perk. The most effective free data recovery apps for Android phones may be found in this post. To retrieve your lost data, all you need to do is go to their website, download and install their software, and then utilise it.

Top 5 Free Android Data Recovery Software/App

There is no cost associated with using any of the six top Android data recovery programmes to regain lost information from an Android mobile phone. Investigate each data recovery program’s capabilities in further detail.

1. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery can rapidly recover any data lost on an Android device, regardless of the circumstances. In addition to the various types of video and document files, you can also retrieve your text messages, contacts, SMS, and call logs. Additionally, this is obtainable for the operating systems of both Windows and Mac.

Best Free Data Recovery Software For Android

Jihosoft Features

  • Restore any lost Android data in a variety of situations, including data loss, system crashes, factory resets, and more.
  • Retrieve everything that has been lost from the Android’s internal as well as its external memory card.
  • You may recover lost items like as contacts, text messages, and call logs, as well as photographs and videos, WhatsApp, documents, and other types of data.
  • Retrieve information that has been accidentally deleted or lost from any Android device, including Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG,
  • Motorola, OnePlus, Google, and others.

2. Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android)

The data recovery software for Android smartphones known as Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery is widely regarded as the industry standard. It is compatible with over 6,000 different Android devices, and it can even retrieve data from Samsung phones that have been damaged. It is possible to retrieve lost information in 15 distinct situations, including unintentional deletion, system crash, water damage, forgotten password, jailbreaking, or flashing of ROM, etc. Only the Windows PC version of Fone’s recovery software for Android is currently available.

DrFone Features

  • Recover data from Android devices by scanning them immediately using your Android phone or tablet.
  • You may get a preview of the data on your Android phone or tablet, and then selectively retrieve the data you need.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of file formats, such as WhatsApp, Messages, and Contacts as well as Photos, Videos, and Audio Documents.
  • Supports more than 6000 Android device models and a variety of Android operating systems, including Samsung devices ranging from S7 to S22.
  • Recover deleted data from the Android’s internal storage as well as the external SD card.

2022 saw the debut of Dr.version Fone’s of its Android Data Recovery App, which made it possible to recover lost data directly on an Android device. Check out the following table for a comparison of the features offered by the Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery App and the Dr.Fone Data Recovery software:

3. MyJad Android Data Recovery

Your phone’s data may be recovered with Jad Android Data Recovery even if it has been rooted, even if it has been misplaced, or even if it has been stolen. Windows is the operating system that it uses, and it is compatible with the most recent versions of Android devices. You will also have the ability to build a backup copy of all of your essential data on your computer using this piece of software.

MyJad Features

  • It is able to recover data from any Android device, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and Motorola phones and tablets, among others.
  • It is possible to examine a glimpse of the items that have been retrieved, such as contacts, messages, photographs, videos, and other documents.
  • Restore any and all data files stored on Android smartphones and tablets in the event that any data is lost.
  • It allows you to back up all of your Android data onto your computer.

4. Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery

You are possible to retrieve lost data from your Android phone or tablet with the assistance of Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery. It is accessible for both Windows and Mac operating systems and has the ability to retrieve data that has been lost due to one of eight distinct circumstances. The free version gives you access to some of the functions, but upgrading to the pro version gives you unrestricted use of all of the features.

Aiseesoft Features:

  • Restore lost data on Android smartphones, such as text messages, contacts, and call history (internal and external memory)
  • Recover numerous files like pictures, movies, music, document on Android
  • Retrieve your info from the broken Android phone, the mobile phone with the forgotten password, and the mobile phone with a dark screen.
  • It is compatible with any Android handset, including those made by Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, and Huawei.
  • Retrieve any data that was lost as a result of any data loss situations, such as an error caused by rooting or a system crash.
  • Include support for all Android operating systems, including 5.0 and 5.1.

5. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

The programme known as Tenorshare Android Data Recovery makes the claim that it has the best success rate of data recovery compared to its competitors. It just takes a few minutes to recover whatever sort of material you want to get back, whether it be a picture, an email, a text message, a WhatsApp message, or anything else. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and claims to be able to retrieve your data from eight distinct circumstances.

Tenorshare Features:

  • You can recover lost files from both the internal and external memory card of your Android phone.
  • Restore any data that was lost as a result of the phone being reset, flashing ROW, rooting the phone, etc.
  • Retrieving several types of data from Android phones, such as images, videos, contacts, and text messages, is possible.
  • Allows for the transferring and backing up of data from Android to a PC.
  • Functions admirably on all Android handsets, including those manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, and others.
  • Maintains compatibility with versions of the Android operating system ranging from 1.5 to 6.0


Is Android data recovery tool free?

It is accessible for both Windows and Mac operating systems and has the ability to retrieve data that has been lost due to one of eight distinct circumstances. The free version gives you access to some of the functions, but upgrading to the pro version gives you unrestricted use of all of the features.

Is FoneLab for Android free?

FoneLab Android data recovery allows you to scan and preview data for free. If you want to restore deleted Android data, you need to pay USD $44.76 for the Free lifetime version.

Is EaseUS safe?

Stay away from this piece of software since it’s useless. It is a fraud, plain and simple, and so was the additional programme that they required me to download so that their customer support representative could assist me…. I ought to have known better, and I have only myself to blame for putting my faith in something that is obviously a fraud or spyware.