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Best Laptops for Gaming in 2023


Recent years have shown advancements in the gambling space as competitive gaming, or eSports as you know it, now dominates the virtual gaming and gambling industry. With virtual casino apps and websites such as the GGBet app creating betting options, these eSports have become more popular.

Many gamblers, seeing the bags of cash won by pro gamers, develop an interest in professional gaming. Sadly, they begin pro gaming with poorly chosen gadgets and end up not performing well. To avoid being part of this crowd, we have curated a list of the best gaming PCs the players of eSports use. Excited to learn? Then, keep your fingers scrolling.

Asus ROG Strix Scar 16

Coming as a product from the Republic of Gamers, you can be certain that this laptop is power-packed for any high gaming activity. This Asus brand possesses a 13th generation Processor and this guarantees a super fast performance. Simply put, this eliminates lags while gaming.

For gamers who crave fancy, the Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 comes with an inbuilt lit keyboard. The laptop is also built with a 16-inch screen, giving a superb gaming experience. If you are thinking about the sound, Strix Scar has a Dolby Atmos sound interface. Without a boombox, the laptop is still banging. 

Alienware M18

Alienware, a subsidiary brand under Dell, is popular for its dedication to gaming. The M18 is arguably a replacement for desktop computers. Here is why: the laptop is heavy when carried and has advanced gaming capacities. On average, it weighs between 8.6 to 8.9 pounds. For display, Alienware M18 has an incredible 18-inch high-definition display. 

With a Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, its gaming functionalities are top-notch. For pro gamers, this is an excellent choice as it processes tasks and operations with an Intel Core i9. It also has a RAM capacity of 32GB and a storage space of 2 Terabytes. We deem Alienware as a superb pick when selecting the laptop to use to game online.

MSI Creator Z16

Despite being an 11th-generation PC, the device is the best in terms of battery capacity, holding at an impressive 90Whr. MSI Creator is a favourite among pro gamers as heavy applications load at lightning speed. This is owing to the Intel Core i9 the laptop has been integrated with. 

The RAM of the PC is relatively mid as MSI Creator has 16 Gigabytes while some of its competitors use a staggering 32GB. Considering the price set at $1,370, it is cheaper compared to brands such as Alienware.

Razer Blade 15

Set at a price close to $3000, this expensive brand pays more to its users than other regular gaming PCs. The PC runs on an Intel Core i7 and an Alder Lake CPU. This special CPU type is set to cool down the heat from the laptop as it generates much heat as you play.

The laptop’s screen is marked as top-tier by professional gamers. With a 4K resolution, gamers will benefit from playing games as though they were in the game itself. Razer Blade 15 gives the best to its users, integrating OLED into its screen – a concept that many computer brands cannot create successfully. The only major drawback is the computer’s battery life.

Dell G15

Got little funds and still want to game big? This is the ultimate option for an easy-to-buy gaming laptop. Relying immensely on the vendor you choose, the price of the Dell G15 is as low as $900. Combining its processor – Core i7 and the graphics card – RTX 4060, the speed of the gaming laptop is worth the price paid. Dell G15 is also of lightweight, making it super easy to move around, unlike the Alienware M15.

Gigabyte Aero 5 XE4

One feature this laptop definitely doesn’t lack is aesthetics! Not only is this beast beautiful to behold, but it also displays images and colours in 4K resolution. The RAM of the PC is 16GB. As a gaming PC, the game has a primary storage of 1TB. The fans attached to the laptop are super effective at mitigating overheated motherboards.

This Aero 5 PC gives users an easy time gaming as long as they do not play two games at once. This device respects the owner’s privacy as the builder included a moveable camera cover to guide against unwanted persons or hackers.


The list is endless as new gaming laptops are built each year by different brands. While the brands are important, the capacity of the laptop is a smart selection criterion. Gaming as a pro requires much more than just words. It requires the use of high-quality tools and devices, without which the gaming experience will be poor. So, when buying your gaming PC to build an eSports career, our choice would make an excellent choice!