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Honkai: Star Rail – Pela Build


In the first release of Honkai: Star Rail, Pela was one of the playable characters. She is a four-star unit whose specialty is increasing her team’s damage while decreasing the enemy’s. Her playstyle is simple, but getting the proper stats and effects to complement Pela’s skills is essential for making the most of her one-of-a-kind kit. In order to understand Pela Build in Honkai: Star Rail, please read this article.

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What is the best Pela build?

The optimal Honkai Star Rail build for Pela is:

  • Light Cone – In the Name of the World
  • Relics – Hunter of Glacial Forest
  • Planar Ornaments – Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
  • Eidolons – Level 4: Full Analysis
  • Team comp – Pela, Yanqing, Gepard, Silver Wolf

Pela’s framework is dependent on her power as a secondary figure. Use Frostbite to remove enemy buffs and equip her with gear that increases the beneficial defense debuff from her ultimate ability. Focus on increasing her effect hit rate.

Pela’s versatility is the ideal solution to a wide range of issues, whether the problem is a boss seeking to increase its own assault or one of the bothersome, self-reviving Mara-struck on Xianzhou. After investing in her Traces and acquiring certain Eidolons that boost her ice defense reduction skills, her ice damage is nothing to scoff at either.

Pela Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Since Pela is a Nihility character, she is solely concerned with weakening her foes. Her arsenal consists of a single-target nuke that removes buffs and an area-of-effect blast that lowers enemy DEF. Players will mostly use Pela for the latter, although it’s still necessary to design her around her best abilities. If you choose this configuration, Pela will become a very useful secondary DPS unit.

  • Core Stat Priorities: CRIT, ATK%, Effect Hit Rate, SPD
  • Planar Ornament Stats: Ice DMG, ATK%
  • Relic Sets: Thief of Shooting Meteor (4PC) OR Hunter of Glacial Forest (4PC), Sprightly Vonwacq (2PC)
  • Light Cones: Good Night and Sleep Well (4-star), Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat (4-star), In the Name of the World (5-star)

Honkai: Star Rail - Pela Build

Players should focus on increasing Pela’s Attack Power (ATK) early on so that she may more effectively breach Toughness bars and contribute to the team’s damage output. Frostbite, her primary ability, scales rather well with Pela’s ATK and is useful for dealing with enemies that have been debuffed or are low on health. In the future, you can combine this with a high critical rate and damage to create devastating assaults.

Since Pela’s E1 bonus causes her to regain health whenever she scores a kill, she must have strong offensive stats. This makes Pela a good pick against bosses like W6 Cocolia who have a large number of weak summons or minions, as she won’t need to focus as much on Energy Regen Rate.

Honkai: Star Rail - Pela Build

When compared to other characters, Pela’s Effect Hit Rate is less crucial. Frostbite is not dependent on this attribute; it will always negate an opponent’s bonus upon successful strike. Zone Suppression, her ultimate ability, has a 100% chance to grant the Exposed status. The high base chance implies that players don’t need to take as much Effect Hit Rate on their Relics to make her ultimate useable, but it won’t always affect targets owing to opponent Effect RES.

However, even with flawlessly rolled Relics, the right Light Cones, and Pela’s E6 bonus, her personal damage output is still quite low compared to other specialist characters. She excels at breaking Toughness and debuffering, and she may be lethal at low HP.

Pela Relics

The top Relic Sets from Pela are:

The most effective Honkai Star Rail artifacts for Pela are found in the Hunter of Glacial Forest set. There is a strong situational case to be made for the improved break effect and energy regeneration afforded by the Thief of Shooting Meteor set, as well as the crit damage, which is undoubtedly great and complements quick DPS support. Maintaining Pela’s energy levels let her to unleash additional ultimates and prolong the enemy’s defense debuff. Prioritize effect hit rate for relic stats, then speed, crit, then attack.


Should i build Pela Honkai: Star Rail?

If you need a support character who can debuff enemies while simultaneously doing significant damage to them in brief and steady bursts, Pela is a powerful and secure option for your group. While Pela can initially hold her own, without a good build, she fares far worse than other options.

Is Pela worth building Star Rail?

Pela launches his strike with the element of ice and plays the Path Nihility role. In addition, Pela is a 4 star character with just enemy debuff skills, therefore if you don’t have other assistance like Tingyun or Yukong, Pela is highly recommended for constructing.

How does pela work Honkai: Star Rail?

Pela is a character who makes sure that while they are buffed, your opponents take a beating. Her ultimate has a chance to cause all of your adversaries to become Exposed, which lowers their DEF. She is skilled at using debuffs to keep opponents at bay and even removing an opponent’s bonuses as a Nihility route character.

Should I level up Pela?

In Honkai: Star Rail, Pela is a fantastic support character. Ascending and upgrading her skills will raise her effect hit rate, which will aid in landing her debuff.