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Best Monitors A Gaming Lover Must Buy in 2020 (Reviewed By A Gamer)


There are millions of professional gamers in the world today that do their best to win games and gain experience. No longer just a game but a way of life, playing different games represents a substantial investment in the day of tomorrow.

This is the reason we are not surprised to see so many people search for additional devices, designed to fully enhance the gaming experience. One of the most important additions to a gamer’s life is the monitor he or she looks at during every moment of the game. There are many products on the market that deserve your attention, which in fact make the selection process pretty darn difficult.

This is why you need to read the present buying guide, in order to determine which model should become a daily source of clarity while playing. How to find the best gaming monitor? Well, let’s learn a couple of things about the current top rated models and thus find with ease your next visual interface to success and quality results.

The gaming monitor needs a good frequency (Hz) in order to display crystal clear pictures. There are 60 Hz, 120 Hz and FPS monitors. In the last couple of years, 120 Hz monitors have dominated the market while the more traditional 60 Hz remained with a restricted fan base. Some people even love to have a secondary vertical monitor like these in order to have a better gaming experience.

What is a Hz (hertz)? Well, a hertz measures the cycles per second, period in which the monitor refreshes the image. A 120 Hz monitor refreshes two times faster than the 60 Hz monitors, letting your eyes relax better, enjoying the pictures with more comfort. The relation between the monitor and refresh rate must remain a productive one, in order to create an enhanced viewing experience, without the presence of problems whatsoever.

How to find the best gaming monitor?

How to find the best gaming monitor? We still can’t offer a quick answer to this answer because we are not done. Another important aspect of a gaming monitor is the panel or user interface, which usually comes as TN or IPS. According to present statistics it seems that TN is the most common panel, found on approximately 90% of monitors. Cheap and easy to handle TN panels come with a short response time (MS). In direct link with the present top LED back-lighting options, TN panels deliver a smooth brightness and consume less energy. 


Some specialists pointed out that TN panels display ugly color shifting during different viewing angles and even some inconsistencies around the picture. Still, when it comes to color accuracy TN panels work pretty fine. IPS panels are the new breed of technology which are more expensive and consume more power. In regards to precise color reproduction, IPS panels work way better than TN panels. It offers an incredible viewing experience, irrespective of the angles.

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