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Best Places to See in Germany


Germany, the seventh-largest country in Europe, is one of the top destinations in the world for travelers. Its ancient yet colorful architecture, cathedrals, palaces, castles, and monuments themselves narrate its rich history. Besides its amusing history, its mountains, landscapes, forests, beer, and food are other reasons for its fame among travelers. So, it’s always a good idea to plan a tour of Germany. You can plan your trip to Germany with the help of this travel guide. Because this travel guide describes the best places to see in Germany. Moreover, it’ll also tell you about what foods you must try in Germany. Furthermore, in this travel guide, you’ll find some free and fun things to do in Germany. And at last, there’ll be our list of best hotels to stay in Germany. 

Top 10 Best Places to See in Germany

The following places are the top-rated tourist attractions in Germany.

1. Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

One of the largest cathedrals in Europe, Cologne Cathedral, is located on the banks of the Rhine. It’s no surprise that this cathedral is the most spectacular landmark of Cologne. Being the outstanding piece of artwork of the Middle Ages, Cologne Cathedral invites world-class architects to admire its beauty. Its High Gothic architecture undoubtedly impresses tourists.

The admirers of great artwork can see the Reliquary of the Three Kings, which is present above the high altar. It’s a 12th-century artwork. Designer Nicholas of Verdun designed it to house the relics of the Three Kings, which were brought here from Milan.

Moreover, here’s the Treasury that showcases many exquisite as well as expensive objects. Besides exploring history and architecture here, you can enjoy scenic views from the South Towers. There’s a viewing platform in the South Tower. You’ll have to climb 533 steps to go there. But once you reach there, the panoramic views of the city and river will make your mood pleasant. 

2. The Black Forest

This beautiful Black Forest is one of the best places to see in Germany. Its dark and densely wooded hills are heaven to hikers. If you want to have some adrenaline experience in Germany, the Black Forest can be your place to see.

Adding to the beauty of this forest are its lush valleys, including Neckar and Danube valleys. You can plan a day-out tour to the Black Forest and have fun at Germany’s oldest ski area at Todtnau. If you’re more into this beautiful forest, you can even plan a night-out here as well. Because there’s a beautiful resort, Bad Liebenzell and the spa facilities of Baden-Baden are also well-known.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle

King Ludwig II of Bavaria built Neuschwanstein Castle and it’s one of Europe’s most eminent and attractive castles. Hence, it’s one of the best places to see in Germany. This many-towered and battlement-covered fantasy fortress played a role of inspiration for Walt Disney’s famous theme park castles. 

Many options of guided tours are available here, including a tour to the Throne Rome and the Singer’s hall. You can take a self-tour to this beautiful castle as well if you want to. The country’s views are more scenic here. 

Moreover, this castle is located nearby the old-fashioned yet picturesque town of Füssen. This old town serves as a winter sports center and a famous alpine resort. So, if you want to go to the castle, you can start by exploring this old town.

4. Miniatur Wunderland and the Historic Port of Hamburg

The majestic Miniatur Wunderland is the world’s largest model railway. Located in the center of the historic Port of Hamburg, it’s an appealing attraction for young and adults alike. So, it’s one of the best places to see in Germany with your family or friends. 

There are more than 12,000 meters of track and sections dedicated to England, the USA, Scandinavia, and Hamburg as well. There are 890 trains and more than 300,000 lights. Besides the tourists who come to Hamburg to visit Miniatur Wonderland especially, the railway remains crowded with guests who have to land here.

Besides exploring the railway, there’s much more in this crowded city to explore like quaint rural scenes and bustling harbors. There are fun-incorporated tours named ‘behind-the-scenes tours’. You can book one of these tours to have fun.

It won’t be justice to Hamburg if you visit the city but don’t see its historic port. The vast Port of Hamburg is a must-to-visit thing. Book a boat to explore this harbor that covers 100 square kilometers. It’s also known as Gateway to Germany.

5. The Rhine Valley

Besides being one of the important rivers for Europe, The Rhine is magnificently beautiful. It stretches from Switzerland through Germany to the Netherlands. There’s no shortage of places in Germany where you can enjoy this striking river. But, Upper Middle Rhine Valley is one of the best places to see in Germany for enjoying this river. 

This section of Rhine Valley is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here you’ve access to some 60 quaint as well as pleasant medieval towns and more than 40 castles. You can explore all of it either by car or river cruise. 

There’s a historic town of Bingen. Here the river cuts through a deep gorge before it enters the Bacharach valley. Tourists mostly begin their Rhine Valley adventure from this town, as it’s best the place to begin one’s river adventure.

6. Berlin’s Museum Island

The Museum Island of Berlin or Museumsinsel is famous across the globe for its great museums. There are many oldest as well as most important museums in the city here. Therefore, it’s one of those best places to see in Germany that the lovers of history must visit. 

Its location is itself scenic. When you’ll see the Museum Island lying between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben, your heart will feel delighted. For those who don’t know, Kupfergraben is a 400-meter-long canal off the river.

It can take the whole of your day to explore this place. There’s a museum, Old Museum, constructed in 1830 to exhibit the royal treasures. Built between 1843 to 1855, there’s also a museum named the New Museum. Moreover, they added the National Gallery to the Museum Island in 1876. There’s also Bode Museum. Built-in 1904, Bode Museum showcases the collections of antiquities.

Besides all of these museums, there’s Pergamon, which is a point of recreated historic buildings from the Middle East. Tourists take walking tours to Pergamon to explore the great history. Hence, you can plan a day-tour to Berlin’s Museum Island to explore maximum history in just a single place.

7. Zugspitze Massif

Zugspitze Massif is part of the Wetterstein mountain range, which straddles the frontier between Germany and Austria. As steep valleys surround Zugspitze, it remains a top German destination for many tourists. Adding to the reasons for it being one of the best places to see in Germany, are its nearby ski resorts. So, Zugspitze is a complete destination for those who love adventures in natural places.

Reaching Zugspitze is itself an amazing adventure. You can reach its eastern summit, i.e. at 2,962 meters, by cable care or by Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, which is a cog railway. Moreover, there’s a railway, Tiroler Zugspitzbahn, which runs to the Zugspitzkamm station at 2,805 meters. Taking a train from Tiroler Zugspitzbahn will be another great way to reach Zugspitze while enjoying its natural beauty. You can continue your journey from Zugspitzkamm station via a cable car to Zugspitz-Westgipfel Station at 2,950 meters. 

There’s the Schneefernerhaus station at the top of the Bavarian cog railroad. An 800-meter-long tunnel leads you to Schneefernerhaus. As the tunnel has viewing windows, walking through this tunnel is an amazing adventure in itself.

8. The Island of Rügen

Being the most beautiful and largest of the German Baltic islands, Rügen is one of the best places to see in Germany. Stralsund separates this island from the rest of Germany, whereas a causeway links it to the mainland town of Stralsund. The island’s beauty is undoubtedly stunning. From beautiful landscapes, forest-covered hills, and flat farmland to broad sandy beaches, appealing peninsulas, and lagoons, everything makes it beautiful.

Jasmund Peninsula is a must-to-visit place here for kids and adults alike. There’s Jasmund National Park in this place and you’ll find it fun to explore the park. You’ll find a diversity of wildlife here. The rare white-tailed eagles are especially notable here. The Stubnitz beech forests, which are a part of Königsstuhl National Park, are also most-visited here.

9. Königssee (King’s Lake)

If you’re looking forward to having some hiking and biking adventures in Germany, Königssee or King’s Lake is your place to go. There’s Painters’ Corner, which is the attractive footpath located along the east side of the King’s Lake to the Malerwinkel. People come to Painters’ Corner to take stunning views of the lake and its surroundings as well.

Take a boat trip to the 17th-century Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomew, which is at the south end of the lake. After this enjoying boat trip, you can walk from here to the Obersee to have more fun. There’s a place at the end of the Deutsche Alpenstrasse, i.e. Berchtesgaden. Berchtesgaden is one of the most renowned mountain resorts in the Bavarian Alps and a well-known tourist town as well. Moreover, you should also visit Berchtesgaden National Park, the only National park in the German Alps. Besides, exploring its natural beauty, you can learn many things about environmental pollution here.

10. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

If Germany is your honeymoon destination, you can have a romantic getaway to Rothenburg. Located on Germany’s well-known Romantic Road (Romantische Straße), it’s one of the best places to see in Germany

Germany’s Romantic Road is an attractive 350km route through Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg’s forests and mountains. This medieval town of Rothenburg has its walls and towers completely preserved since the Thirty Years War of 1618. Joining a walking tour for exploring the town’s beauty is a fun thing to do here. You can also go for a walking tour on your own. There are tourism offices located in the town. You can get a map of the town from one of these offices for your walking tour.

You can explore all of the beautiful buildings here by simply walking the old streets. There’s the 13th-century Town Hall (Rathaus) to explore. There’s also the iconic Ratstrinkstube (Council Tavern), which was built in 1466. The interesting clock of Ratstrinkstube is very popular among tourists. Moreover, built-in 1608 near the end of Herrngasse, there’s St.-Georgs-Brunnen fountain. There’s also the Imperial City Museum for travelers who love history.