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Best places to see in France


France is one of the largest countries and no doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many reasons why a large number of people enjoy visiting this exotic country. It includes its natural beauty, amazing climate, recreational activities, antique museums and galleries, and much more. Apart from these qualities, France is an amazing place to study and for building up your career. If you are excited to go to France then firstly you need to know about the best places to see in France

This traveling guide will help you to explore some of the specialties found in France. These places will be the best choice for you to spend your vacations. Moreover, this guide will tell you about some special French dishes plus some fun and free things to do. It is a complete travel guide to France for you. So let’s start.

Best places to see in France:

1. Eiffel Tower 

Well, there are not enough words to describe the iconic beauty of the Eiffel tower. It is an unusual architectural form that attracts people to its beauty. It has a height of 324 meters making it the most spectacular place to visit in France. 

Its innovation is remarkable, the structure of this tower is made up of 18000 iron parts which are held together by 2.5 Million rivets. The Eiffel Tower has an airy construction with the lift and lightness of ballerina. Some people also refer to the Eiffel Tower with the term Iron lady. A lot of people do not know the original reason for building the most romantic tower. It had a particular use in the back days of 1889 as the entrance of the World Fair. 

Today, we know it to be an exceptional place where love is in the air. It is a dream of every couple to click their pictures in front of it. A lot of people propose to each other on the grounds of the Eiffel tower. Well, it is a must-visit place for you if you want to enjoy the number one place in France. 

2. Rodin Museum 

This place has a rating of 4.6 stars. It is a Mansion and a garden with sculpture’s work. This was primarily a dedication to the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin. This museum is also in Paris. Over 700,000 visitors are recorded annually who visited this museum. The museum’s architectural design is with different fascinating artworks, sculptures, drawings, and photography. Many exhibitions also take place here in this museum. The gallery of sculptures is a masterpiece as it attracts lots of people to visit it.

3. Verdon Gorge 

Verdon Gorge is a river canyon located in the Province of Alpes- Cote d’Azur. It is about 700 meters deep where you can enjoy a lot of water activities. This river canyon is a formulation by the Verdon River. Verdon River has the specialty of its beautiful color which is turquoise-green color simply beautiful and refreshing. There are various thrilling activities which you can do in this hidden paradise-looking place. So let’s unfold the suspense here you go!

  • Go for road trips with spectacular viewpoints 
  • Visiting small towns 
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Lac de Sainte-Croix where you can spend your day
  • You can also drive around its rim 
  • Boating 


Go visit it. It is simply breathtaking.

4. Musèe ď Orsay

It is the masterpiece of 19th and 20th-century art. It is a museum in Paris and you call it the world’s beautiful antique piece. This museum has French art from 1848 to 1914, including furniture, paintings, photography and the most special one is sculptures. It is said to be the home of these things.  Mainly it is a prominent center for western art.

You can now take photographs but earlier it was banned. Note selfie sticks are still under restriction. You can book online tickets through Klook, Tiqets. There is an arrangement of many events here. Approximately, last year 867,724 people visited Musèe ď Orsay which is much less than visitors in 2019, due to the pandemic. It ranks in the 15th position to be the most-visited place in 2020.

5. Sainte-Chappelle

It is a royal chapel in gothic style with stained-glass windows. Moreover, it was the residence of the kings of France till the 14th century. It is considerably among the highest achievements of the Rayonnant period of gothic architecture. Its historical significance includes houses of Christian artifacts like the crown of thorns. And a piece of the true cross as well. It is a gothic masterpiece with the richest decoration found inside.  The shrine is well-known for its eye-catching stained-glass interior. It has an amazing height of 139 feet. Its surface area is 56 feet. In a nutshell, it has graceful architecture. Its aesthetic beauty doubles by the dazzling stained glass. Travelers who want to witness the beauty of this place can come from Monday to Friday.

6. Moulin Rouge 

It is a cabaret in Paris, France. The meaning of Moulin Rouge is ‘red mill’. Hopefully, if you have been searching this place on Google you have seen a big red windmill on its roof. As the cabaret gives many recreational activities to its visitors. Similarly goes with the Moulin Rouge features music, dancing parties, dramas, and many more. It is famous as a seductive dance place by courtesans. Many shows take place at Moulin Rouge as it renders its services as a nightclub. One of the shocking things about this place is that on 27 February 1915, this house was badly burnt by the fire breakout.  The fire spread out in no time so everything was completely burnt out.

7. Mèribel

Meribel is one of the fascinating places in France that simply you can’t control yourself to say Wow! Outstanding beauty and elegance are found here. The place is fully aesthetic by the thick blanket of clouds and high mountains covering the white glory of snow. It is a paradise on the earth. Mèrible is a ski resort in the Tarentaise valley which is in the Alps France. Its location is about 1400 meters above sea level. The temperature here is not always low it come to 10, 14, 17 degrees Celsius but it also depends upon the precipitation levels.  After the rain, the temperature falls so low and goes to (-) degrees. So you need to pack warm clothes as most of the time it rains here. 

8. Pare des Butles-Chaumont 

It is a public park situated in north Paris. It occupies 24.7 hectares of a refreshing green place with lakes and towering trees. The feature of this park that makes it different from others is the de la Sibylle temple. It is 50 meters above the waters of the artificial lake. The artificial lake like we told above is the heart of the park surrounding ĺle de la Belvedere, a rocky island made up of gypsum. This island is connected by two bridges with the park. There is a grotto an artificial cave. It is 14 meters wide and 20 meters high. You will love this place because it has artificial waterfalls too. Many other features make it the top place to visit. 

9. Shakespeare and Company 

It is an old yet amazing place to be if you love reading books. Its opening takes us back to 1951 by George Whitman. Its location is on Paris’s left bank. This book store is famous for its history, its publications, and its popular culture. Due to the pandemic, Shakespeare and Company faced serious losses. The building itself looked old, with the dominant green exterior. Some people say on the wooden benches which are available outside the store, people sit there reading their books. Visitors can find a wide range of literature from old to new ones. Its interior is such an antique piece and takes us to the old times.

10. The Centre Pompidou 

Centre Pompidou is national ď Art et ďe culture George- Pompidou. It operates and manages cultural museums, venues, and libraries. Moreover, it is a complex building in Beau Bourg. 

It was made in the style of high-tech architecture. Furthermore, it is famous for its design, its construction, and its eye-catching Stravinsky fountain. And because of its different organized exhibitions. Its international expansions are present in the following places.

  • Europe 
  • Asia
  • North America 
  • South America 

It can accommodate up to 550,000 visitors per year. Its primary use was as a museum and the center of many visual arts of the 20th century. It also has a vast public information library. It was built on the thought of President George Pompidou with the idea that a space should be dedicated to 20th and 21st centuries. By this idea, it brings various activities under one roof such as music, cinema, and visual arts. Online tickets are available on head out and civitatis. Various events are also organized here.

11. Catacombs of Paris 

It is a tunnel complex for millions of skeletons. It is an underground ossuary which has more than six million people’s remains in it.  It seems scary but antique too. You can only visit the small part of Catacombs which is specially opened for tourists other area is closed and it is illegal to enter that part of Catacombs. It is said that guillotine victims were directly buried there. It is designed in such an artful way that 6 to 7 million Parisian remains are arranged in that manner. It is about 65 feet deep. 

12. Montmartre 

Montmarte is the largest hill that welcomes you to enjoy the beautiful weather of Paris.  It is famous for its artistic history, the white-domed basilica on its summit is a remarkable piece of art. The village of Montmartre was forced acquisition by the city of Paris. The mountain was known for its vineyards, windmills, gypsum mines, and stone quarries.

Top 12 dishes to eat in France

1. French onion soup

It is a thick comforting and deeply satisfying soap made with slowly caramelized onions that are rich broth. It is served with a top slice of thick bread loaded with melty gruyere cheese. It is also known as the queen of soups.

2. Crêpes

Well, you cannot ignore this sweet treat that your tastebuds will love. Crepes are super simple to make and can be filled with whatever you want to such as lemon and sugar, Nutella, or fresh fruits and cream. As travelers, we are always looking out for something different anywhere we go. Here, you can try this savory treat. Some people also fill it with creamy chicken or mushroom sauce. There are so many variations of this dish here so do try it but start with the sweet one. 

3. Coq au Vin

It is one of the most famous dishes in France. It is unbelievably so tasty as chicken lardons and mushrooms oil are slowly cooked with red wine and garlic. It is simply mouth-watering. This dish has stood the test of time and is kind of a good-natured food you should enjoy on a lazy weekend. It is delicious served with a spoon or two of creamy mashed potatoes.

4. Moules Mariners

It is a simple classic dish moules mariniere is fast food at its best. In this dish, fresh mussels are cooked in a white wine broth with shallots parsley, and garlic with a splash of cream added at the end. A lot of restaurants serve it here with the finest French bread or you can order with fries. 

5. Steak tartare

Eating raw meat is not everyone’s cup of tea. But here in France, it is a fine dish that comes with a lot of variations. There is a caper, raw eggs, sauces, and spices according to your choice. You can even ask your server to cook the meat-based on your preference. It can also be served with French fries and a slice of bread. Now, here is a fun fact that you should know that tartare is a European dish. It is not a traditional dish of France. 

6. Ratatouille

Now, this dish comes with a huge fun fact that it has a movie behind it. But, we are not going to talk about the movie but this hearty vegetable stew. No list of French food would be competing without it ratatouille It is made up of an acidic mix that includes eggplant, zucchini, and tomato sauce day or cooked until they are enriched in flavor.

7. Cheese fondue

It is served with a piece of melted cheese and hunks of bread for dunking. If you love cheese, then this dish is heavenly made for you. A lot of people use it here to welcome their guests and make them feel like a part of their family. You will see a lot of dishes here served with this. 

Not only the husk of bread are dipped but other varieties are also available like

  • Apples and pears or fresh fruits
  • Broccoli and cauliflower 
  • Meatballs 
  • Roasted Brussel sprout
  • Roasted potatoes


8. Escargots

They are the snails cooked in garlic butter and parsley it is typically served as a starter in France it tastes more than like seafood such as clams they taste more like chicken and fish as most caters observed it has a little taste of mushroom different restaurant offers this dish.

9. Madeleine

Madeleine is the perfect and heavenly tasty sponge cake that has a lot of butter. If you have not tried this, then you must do it while you are here. There are a lot of bakeries and cafes here where you can taste it with coffee or tea. 

10. Salad Nicoise

It is packed full of flavor the French salad is one of the best combinations of salad ingredients ever. Don’t fall into the trap of making it with tinned tuna which would be a travesty instead opt for a fresh tuna steak it would be worth it.

11. French omelet

It is a soft buttery French-style omelet slashing of eggs and shaking of pan both are the best combination it can be served with us pinch of mint and a slice of bread.

12. Chocolate soufflé

It is creamy extra soft and a chocolate yummy dessert served in France a little chocolate pie which can be decorated with Cherry and topped with whipped easy making and easy baking.

Top 10 free and fun things to do in France 

Paris in France is the most graceful and expensive place. It would be a great wonder for you to find some free activities here. But, we have come up with some fun activities for you that won’t be a burden on your budget. 

1. Make the most of free first Sunday:

You can visit some of the most popular museums and movements in Paris for free. All credit goes to the free Sunday’s program this includes different magnificent places like louver land mused. 

2. Pere Lachaise cemetery:

Paris’s largest cemetery lies behind the stones entrance which is made with 100 acres of graves and tombs. It is one of the most visited cemeteries. Georges Redenbacher and Oscar Wild’s these two graves are visited and are kissed by the people with red lipstick.

3. Check out the love wall: 

If you have gone to France with your partner then don’t forget to watch the love wall. ‘I love you’ sentence is written in almost every language beautiful place to click a smooth holiday snap. It is an iconic Parisian attraction.

4. Check out a fashion show at Lafayette: 

Through getting a ticket for Paris fashion week isn’t possible for everyone. But you can still get the fun of enjoying a mode every Friday afternoon at galleries Lafayette department store.

5. Enjoy a romantic or quality time at Square du Vert-Galant 

Enjoying midnight in Paris seems to be the most relaxing activity you will ever do. You can enjoy midnight in the cozy park which is on the west tip of lle de la Cite. And, you can reach it by taking the stairs down from Pont Neuf. 

6. Notre-Dame

It is a famous medieval gothic cathedral located on the island in the center of Paris. You have to check out the impressive architecture of this Cathedral. There are a lot of unique elements here which makes it a perfect display of creativity and art. It was fully complete in the 13th century and was badly damaged during the French revolution.  Until it was rescued by Napoleon. Now, you have come here you cannot miss the views of the medieval royal palace here. There is a prison as well which takes you back to the history of the French Revolution. 

7. Champs-Elysees

In the heart of Paris is the Champs-Elysees that is famous for its variety of things under one stop. From amazing luxury shops to exotic cafes, you will find everything on this avenue. It has some of the best theatres as well where you can watch movies and enjoy popcorn. The one other characteristic which makes it important is that it is the location of the annual Bastille Day Military parade. You can walk freely on this street.

8. Parks and Gardens 

Paris is full of beautiful city parks and gardens where you can walk, jog, read a book or simply soak in the atmosphere and experience the Persian lifestyle. Some of the best gardens are

  • Toiletries garden which is located just next to the Louvre Museum
  • Luxembourg gardens
  • Take a walk at the Bois De Vincennes where you can have a picnic around the lake. Moreover, there is a small zoo, a castle for children and so much more. 


9. LA Defense

It is Europe’s largest business district containing many of Paris’s tallest buildings and a large shopping mall with numerous restaurants and movie theaters. LA Defense features an impressive modern architecture masterpieces LA Grande Arche a 364 ft. tall cubical high-rise.

10. Versailles

Versailles is a royal residence in France that attracts a lot of travelers from around the world. It connects to the French Revolution which makes it an important part of history. 

The Final Words:

The above-mentioned list of the best places to see in France. You will find the list of some delicious foods to eat in France and some fun and free things to do. Hopefully, it will make your tour to France more thrilling and exciting.