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Best Rogue Company Characters


This article is about Best Rogue Company Characters which you can choose when playing the video game. If you want any of these characters within your party then it’s a great idea to know what they’re capable of and if their play styles would fit with your own. It will also help you buy poe items in a more efficient way. With that being said, let’s review some Best Rogue Company Characters.

Best Rogues


Garrett is an expert thief who has been trained from childhood in the arts of thievery and infiltration by his father, Arestide. He’s 21 years and he has no real allegiances to anyone but himself, Garrett is a loner who’s only concern is surviving by whatever means necessary. He has excellent skills of lock picking and he can bypass traps without being detected. Best Rogue Company Characters.

  Corvo Attano

Corvo was born in Dunwall, he lived on the streets of Dunwall after his family was killed when he was young. He will be 47 years old. He comes from a royalty bloodline that makes him capable for Best Rogue Company Characters. If you want Best Rogue Company Characters then this man might be your best choice because of his own unique abilities which allow him to assassinate enemies without any problem.


Daud’s true name is never given in the games, Best Rogue Company Characters, however, in the books it is Billie Lurk. In The Knife of Dunwall DLC his name is given as Daud by Esmond Roseburrow. Best Rogue Company Characters. He lives a life of crime and is often hired to carry out assassinations. Best Rogue Company Characters.


Lancer is without a doubt one of the greatest characters in Rogue Company. She has a dependable SMG and the capacity to run quickly and move quietly, making her the most self-sufficient member of the team. The finest aspect of her kit, though, is that whenever she rolls, she reloads instantly. Because she can reload as soon as she rolls, Lancer is one of the best duelists in the game because she can always have a full magazine while wasting her opponents through unpredictable rolling in any direction.

Lancer is a difficult opponent to defeat because of her usefulness. Lancer has a Smoke Grenade as one of her gadgets. She can use these smokes to obscure vision, allowing you to conceal your planter or dangerous lines of sight. You may also increase the capacity of your Smoke Grenades to two. She can employ her Smoke Grenades to erect smoke walls to attack a location, circling the map or in a post-plant scenario. If you’re on defense, two excellent smoke grenades might be all it takes to stave off an assault entirely. Lancer may even utilize her ability early in the round to charge towards objectives, possibly having her smokes already deployed before the opposing team has had chance to recover from their initial advantage.