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Smash Karts Hack Extension and Money 2022 Guide


There are many websites that are providing you the multiple ways to get free money or by using their extensions giving you free money, the sad part is it is all fake!

But don’t worry here we have got you with many multiple ways and following these methods you get the smash karts hack and get free money without using any hack tool or installing any extension. All you have to do is just to focus on it.

As we know Smash Karts is a multiplayer deathmatch arena game with Karts. So you would need to focus on improving your game by having a lots of money.

How do you get a lot of money in smash karts?

You can get a lot of money in smash karts by playing the game for every player kill you earn 10 coins. So you just need to keep killing in the game and earn more money its that simple.

How do you play smash karts on a Chromebook?
Yes you can play it on your chromebook too.
1. Go to
2. Add the extension to your browser in chrome
3. Click the new flashlight button
4. Create a private room or you can join existing one

How do you win at Smash karts?

You win the smash karts by killing in the game and increasing your Kill-to-Death Ratio.

Smash Karts is a fast-paced io game with 3D graphics and online multiplayer that will get your heart pumping! Collect coins as you make your way through an endless course.

Survive by gathering and using the items found in the mystery boxes. Gunshots and grenades.

Playing the game involves driving around and collecting the secret box to increase your arsenal of weapons in this multiplayer online battle arena (io).