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Top 20 Best ROM sites to Safely Download ROM


If you are a professional gamer and looking for the best and safe ROM site in 2021then you have come to the right place. The situation can be hard sometimes when you have to play your most favorite game and your ROM or emulator isn’t working well. To play your special game with more zeal and energy you need to switch to get good not but best ROM.

Warning: Select that website that gives you virus-free installed ROM as in case you get a good ROM but with a virus it would be a disaster. So this short blog is for you so that you can download ROM with proper safety and virus free of course. If you have a desire to enjoy your most liked game with a good ROM then please kindly upgrade your motherboard to excellent quality.

Guide to best ROM sites for downloading reliably from the internet 

It may not be safe to download any stuff from the internet. Many viruses containing software can wipe out your data and can seriously damage your system. You have to be careful while downloading software from the website. Only prefer secured websites for your work.

  • Never install or download anything from such websites which offer you to install their recommended software. If you install such software’s they will invade your system or may someone can hack your personal information by this.
  • Whenever you download ROM remember it will always be downloaded in the 
  • Don’t download the link that shows .com, .bat because these are scams and contain a specific program that can intend to harm your system.

List of top best ROM sites:

  1. Romspedia:

If you are searching for the best ROMs to fit your PSP for the games like Spiderman and Mario Catt then you should choose Romspedia. This website offers a depositary ROMs collection. Going through the homepage of the website you will see the real pictogram of the games with some great emulators like Rocket PSP emulator or sunshine emulator which are great for PSP. You will never face a lack of ROMs option on this website. IOS and Android used ROMs are also available. You will also find BIOS such as Nintendo, GBA. This website will also provide you with the game details like how much space the ROM will occupy, the date of release of the game, and the categorization of the game.

  1. Romsplanet:

It is also one of the main platforms of console emulators and video games. You can easily install this application. You can get Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, Gameboy, and many other ROM games here with consoles hardware.

Classic gaming is an obsession and many other places can offer you ROM downloading but you need to choose the best one. In between these websites or applications, some have limited choices while others might contain viruses in it. So if you are looking for a free and good ROM installation then give it a try. Another relaxation for the user is that Romspedia has the policy to double-check every file before offering it to any visitor. So you can have relief before using it that it might suit you or not. All free ROM games and emulators are safe. You can rely on its functions.

  1. Romsopedia:

It is one of the secured websites for ROM. The retro games and emulators are found here. Many games can be downloaded here. You can play several games with the best ROMs on this site Sega, Mario is popular among the new generation. You can easily find it on Romspedia and enjoy the Mario games which are fascinating.

  1. Gamulator:

It is one of the top ROM sites rated on Google. Here you have options to use more than 20 consoles. You can also access many other ROM files for other consoles too. A proper download manager is available on the website for downloading or installing on the site.

Website is designed by BIOS and emulator which can be a great help for you. You can also choose ROM by different categorizations. Gamulator can also be used on many other gadgets too rather than on your computer.

  1. DopeRoms:

You can access great quality ROMs on this website. 171500 ROMs with 140 consoles can be explored on this site. One of the great elements of DopeRoms is that it provides cheat codes to ace in any part of this game. You can play constantly on DopeRoms without any obstacle. Many rare ROM versions are present here. So no more struggles to find the best ROMs.

  1. EdgeEmu:

EdgeEmu can give you much variety of consoles like Sega, GBA, and GB like many more. It has several upgraded features that enhance visitors to itself. This also offers 57000 ROM that can be used on 20 consoles.

Another relaxing feature is that it is clear from advertisements. Flash player on the site helps you with various online games. EdgeEmu also grants permission to test other ROM files. Easily downloadable ROM is available. You can get some classic ROMS for free so what are you waiting for go give it a try.

  1. FreeRoms:

This provides ROMs but with the restricted consoles. It gives a great list of ROMs. You can easily reach the PSP emulators for the Mac book. Free ROMs can be downloaded on this site. The only drawback which you can face is that it is not free of ads. The frequent ads can be disturbing but there is nothing better than free ROMs which are easily accessible on the site. You can rate the ROM you used by its rating feature. 


Are you tired of searching best and complete package of ROM with consoles? No more worries you have come to the right place. NICOBLOG has all the collection of different content combined which also gives you various links to download ROMs especially those who love classic ROMs.

At a finger click, you can download a set of ROM for its console type in a compressed file. One positive point that you can find there is that rarely found ROMs such as Wii, PS Vita, and PS3 are available here. You can also learn how to run the games on various systems on this blog web.

  1. Vimm’s Lair:

This site is one of the safest and best sites for free ROMs on the internet. Classic ROMs with emulators can be easily downloaded. Appreciable gaming emulators are prescribed to you on Vimm’s Lair.

This website not only possesses of having a great collection of game titles for a variety of consoles, but it also allows to download emulators too. You can download emulators for different android and windows. The website also has a facility of a search engine that will facilitate you in finding your favorite ROMs and will sort them too. It will get a lot of monthly views which proves that it is a reliable platform.

  1. The Eye:

The greatest featured website that offers you ROM from all over the internet. More than 60 consoles are available on ‘the eye’. You will find the best ROMs here so no need for further search.

Most attraction is by the interfacing of the website. No advertisement pop-up to disturb your quest. Very easily installation of ROM is granted. Search tools are also available on this site. You can also arrange ROMs according to alphabetical order.

  1. Romulation:

If you are looking for your favorite ROM then this site will best suit you. This website is full of classic games. An enjoyable feature of the site is that you can play your childhood games too like since 2004. I remember spending hours and hours playing ‘Crash of the Titans’ is all that you will find on this website. You just need to sign up and then go with the flow enjoy your games with the best ROMs.

On the interface of the website, you will see a list of well-known games and also the latest games. Surprisingly 28,000 ROM files are there on this site for Sega, PlayStation, and many more. The search engine will help you to find the one which best suits you. Romulation is one of the secured websites for free ROMs on the internet.

  1. Romsmode:

Another safest website for free ROMs is Romsmode. You will get everything on the website from classic to the latest available ROMS. Emulators can also be accessed through this site. Nintendo, Atari and PlayStation emulators with consoles are present.

The homepage of the website is one of its great features which would be a significant way to visit Romsmode. Look for some of the ROMs listed clearly on the interface easily. Particular consoles such as Wii, SEGA, and more are accessible. 

  1. Emulator.Games:

It is a popular website for favorite games with the best ROMs. The site’s main page is fully packed with free ROMs and emulator games. The feature that will enhance you is that it allows its users to play games online.

Enjoy myriad vision of Pokémon games. You will also find ROM with various consoles like a game boy, game gear, etc. You do not need to visit any website after visiting emulator games. Install suitable emulators to run your favorite games. Try emulator games for the best results.

  1. MyAbandonware:

You can play your best-loved games on this site and old games like Turbo out Run is available. You can explore some highly rated video game ROMs from 1978 to 2013! Not done yet you can also search by names, platform, theme, publisher, year, and genre of the ROM.

If you found of gaming the feature of this site will run a wave of enthusiasm in you. Many interesting and antiques are here to explore. Roundabout 15200 ROMs are on MyAbandonware. Never forget to experience top-installed ROMs and games too and try your hard at some of the most loved games of the decades gone by.

  1. EagleForces:

It is a Korean website for the installation of free ROMs. Many visitors go to this site because of its fabulous features and safety too. Though it is a Korean website there are no formalities for legalization.

Thousands of ROMs are on hand at this site. Free ROMs are given for download. All facilities of the installation process are perfect. EagleForces is top-rated so try it for the perfect experience. 

  1. CDRomance:

Free ROMs are here on this site to explore with emulators, kind, and guides. You can download any file with a single touch you will find ROMS in Japanese, English, French, and other major languages. The games can be found categorizing by the language as well.

  1. WoWrom:

Today’s most used site is WoWrom which is well known for its free ISOS ROMs and games. Match the list with your search you will surely get amazing results. Links are available to download emulators. Links to download the myriad game for GBA, SNES for PSP is given. Games music and magazines separate this site from many other ones.

  1. Emulanium:

One of the safest sites to install popular ROMs.  You can explore ROMs for consoles like GBA, N64, NES, etc. Although it is not highly rated compared to others its safety is one of the best features.

  1. ClassicGameRoms:

If you are tired of dealing with a mess in search of the best ROMs then classic game ROMs are the right place.  This website offers you an abundant amount of game ROMs for suitable consoles such as Capcom, Nintendo SEGA, and many more. Here you will also find an emulator which expertly runs your games.

  1. Retrostic:

With Retrostic, you can install great ROMs. You can discover classic ROMs for free. Your downloading experience will be quite smooth and virus-free. 

On the home page of Retrostic, visitors can easily reach out to things. No ads will pop up to disturb you. You can find more than 83000 ROMs for over 50 consoles. Collectively this website is another great option for lovers of classic ROMs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Safe and best ROM Sites:

Q1. Is it legal to download ROMs?

Yes, it is legal to download ROMs only if you are downloading a copy of the original game. However, it can be considered illegal if you are not having a copy and trying to get ROM. The use of emulators is completely legal. 

Q2. Is ROM Hustler safe?

The use of ROM Hustler is completely safe for downloading, however, there are several cases when the site can give you a virus. To avoid such circumstances stop downloading .exe files and also use a strong security system.

Q3. What ROM sites are safe?

Rom Hustler, ROMsmania, Gamulator are several safe ROM sites that you can consider for downloading ROMs. 

Q4. My ROM is not running smoothly

Fix: In case your ROM is not running smoothly then there is a high possibility that your ROM may have a bug. The fix is you need to check if there is any update to the ROM, if yes, go ahead and update your ROM. If there’s no update then you should contact the developers behind that ROM.

When such a thing happens, you may have to change a few settings inside the emulator itself. Better visit some relevant forums where you can know more about the possible solution for your issue. You can also try using an alternative ROM.

Q5. Can I download ROMs on my phone?

Yes, you can download ROMs into your phone and use them provided that you have downloaded an emulator that is compatible with your phone. Some of the best ROM sites that offer free and safe emulators for mobile phones are Cool Roms and DopeRoms.

Q6. Can downloading ROMs from rom sites damage my computer?

That depends, some ROM sites aren’t secure and can affect your system because malware will invade your system but there are safe rom sites where you can download your ROM and emulator freely and safely.

Q7. Where do I download emulators and consoles?

Many sites are available to choose any of the above that best suits you.

Q8. Do I need a PC to download and play ROM?

Most emulators are windows, Linux, and iOS compatible but some sites are now offering emulators that could run on android and iPhones. You can download the emulator of your choice that is suitable for your PC or phone, then download the rom that you want to play.


So these sites are recommended by us. Hopefully, this blog will help you to reach the best ROM site. Apart from the ROMs, you also get emulators to run the games smoothly on various consoles. Always make sure, that it may be not legal to download a ROM file if you never owned it in the first place. Try some websites it will help you out. As technology is upgrading day by day so we will also provide you with upcoming modifications in it.