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Black Desert Online Family Name Guide – Randomly Generate Family Names


Black Desert Online Family Name

The beginning of a new adventure awaits you. Beginning from the March 24th (Wed), make your character’s family name in Black Desert Online!

The first step to starting an epic journey is coming up with one, and now it’ll be easier than ever since we’re rolling out our newest feature: Family Name creation for all newly created characters throughout BDO on Wednesdays.

I’m still using character names from my first MMORPG, EverQuest. It’s been over a decade since I found the perfect name for my warrior and it seems wrong to switch out now! Names are important as they represent you in-game and can change how people interact with you or view your power level (or lack thereof). So if you’re stuck on what to choose this is just five of many Black Desert Online Name Generators that may help get the wheels turning.

Yesterday, the world was met by a new mobile game that had been eagerly awaited for months. Black Desert Mobile is allowed to be played in English and Korean versions, so players can choose whether they want to play it with voiceovers or not. The most interesting thing about this title is character creation which allows you to customize your appearance from head-to-toe before choosing on an appropriate Family Name like “Nameless” or “Smithy.”

When you start your experience in Black Desert Online, it is important to think about yourself and how you will defeat different obstacles. Your Family Name identifies who you are before all other adventurers in the game – make sure that this name suits what type of person that YOU want to be! That being said, choose a similar family name for each worker inside a given area so they can easily find one another.

How to Make a Family Name

Black Desert Online Family Name

The initial phase in Black Desert Mobile is to make a [Family Name].

Your family name can’t be copied and will address the characters made for your record for every worker inside a similar area.


  • Your Family Name should be between 2-12 characters and can incorporate your picked language and numbers. You won’t make a Family Name that contains more than one language.
  • Although your Family Name will be shared through all workers inside a similar district, you can’t move characters to an alternate worker.
  • Family Names that don’t follow our naming arrangement will be subjectively changed.
  • You can check our naming arrangement in Black Desert Online Family Name.

Family Name & Character Name

You can likewise give your person a [Character Name] which is unique in relation to your Family Name.

Notwithstanding, kindly note that your Family Name will be uncovered inside the game.

Changing Your Family Name

In the event that you wish to change your Family Name, you should buy a [Family Name Change Coupon].

It tends to be bought in ‘Pearl Shop>Misc.>Etc.’. The coupon will be put away in your Pearl Inventory.

Black Desert Online Family Name


  • Once you utilize your [Family Name Change Coupon] to change your Family name, the change will be executed after our next planned support.
  • Your past Family Name can be reused following 30 days from the date you’ve utilized your [Family Name Change Coupon].
  • A similar standard applies to while changing your Character Name.

My Info

[My Info] catch will show up by squeezing the primary menu put on your upper right, which is close to your [Notification] tab that is formed like a ringer.

On the [My Info] screen, you can see both your Character and Family Name. You can likewise see the entirety of the details credited to your person.

  • Detailed Info

Press the bolt or swipe to look at additional top to bottom subtleties of your person.

You can see different details that may influence battle just as the development of your person in the “Definite Info” segment.

  • Branch Damage

Some of the more unique items found in this D&D name generator include cog wheels, which are needed for various task-based classes to do their jobs. They can be acquired through collecting precious metals or any number of enchantments that may have been cast on them by other players with a wide range of magical capabilities.

As captivating as these virtual treasures might seem at first glance, there’s no need to worry about being robbed blind from an online gold seller – each item is only worth what you put into it!

  • Bonus Effects

In the following area, you can check extra impacts allowed by extra factors like Black Desert Online Family Name, Crystals, and Pets.

Black Desert Online Family Name

  • Additional Raid Entrance

You can verify whether you have an extra number of accessible passages for World Boss Raids in the last area.

“Thing subtleties” can be seen by pushing on the things you’ve prepared.

  • My Information

On the right, you can see the insights of the Guild you are presently in.

Additionally, you can check other fundamental data like Daily Tasks, Camp, and Life Skills.

  • Title

The rundown of Titles that you have procured during your excursion can be seen on the [Titles] tab.

Apply various Titles to flaunt your ability!

  • Check CP

How do you know if your Combat Power is out of date? It’s an open secret that it can happen with the most surprising frequency. And when you’re in a fight and not seeing any indications, things could be getting pretty lethal! With this simple button press, all will become clear for how well prepared to take on those tough fights ahead.”

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