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Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide

Fawad Pirzada


Black Desert Online bdo 1-60 leveling guide

In this Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide, you will learn insights regarding the best places to chase and the numerous ways you can accelerate your leveling. You can level quicker by expanding Combat Experience acquired, while chasing at great granulating spots.


Dark Desert Online is an enormous, astounding world, and there are innumerable chasing spots gushing out done with abhorrent beasts to vanquish! Such countless crowds to chase, and quite couple of hours to the day!

As much a Black Desert Online is fun and fulfilling, it very well may be disappointing to another player. The game is extremely thick with such countless small yet fundamental viewpoints that you should initially acclimate with to appreciate. Leveling is quite possibly the main perspectives that you should realize when dominating the game.

Levels become more intricate as you progress. It is not difficult to will level 56 when contrasted with having the chance to level 60. In this Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide, we will dig into a portion of the leveling tips and proposals for the equivalent.

For the newcomer, Black Desert Online can be an overwhelming game. As I referenced in our bdo skill point exp chart, this game is thick. It’s not difficult to get overpowered right off the bat and relinquish the entire game. This is especially evident on the off chance that you exploit the 7-day free preliminary. In any case, the game is fun and fulfilling, and has a great deal to bring to the table players.

BDO Power Leveling

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Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide (or Boosting) is the point at which an exceptionally outfitted player carries a low level companion to a general pounding zone and murders beasts. Players report it takes 2 to 3 hours to level a companion to 56. This is utilizing all XP buffs and the force leveling is finished by another player that has high AP.


  • Force leveling will leave the helped character with a lower measure of Skill Points: 360 to 400 SP.
  • Battle Experience isn’t punished because of beast or gathering part level contrasts.
  • For a gathering of 2 every individual gets 60% of Combat Exp.
  • Low level characters can be power leveled in any region that they have adequate DP for. Regardless of whether they don’t have great DP, many crushing spots have safe zones where players can simply cover up. (Model: Sausans has dividers to hole up behind and pinnacles to move for security.)
  • Distance punishment can turn into an issue, so stay near your force Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide accomplice.
  • You can’t acquire things when the contrast between the most minimal and most elevated gathering part level is in excess of 9 levels in a gathering.

Why follow the BDO questline?

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Following the BDO questline will expand your Contribution focuses and Knowledge. The Black Spirit questline may take you to the best Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide spots also. Questing is fundamental. It will prove to be useful; giving energy focuses, commitment focuses, earning experience and getting satisfactory space for stock. The vast majority will concur that it isn’t the quickest methods in leveling yet I would prescribe you to follow the questline for your first character. Awards from Black Spirit missions incorporate XP, gear, mixtures, commitment focuses, and stock space.

Leveling in a gathering is frequently troublesome outside of extraordinary crushing spots. You may struggle finding a zone in which two players can chase together as you level. Regularly, what happens is that there are insufficient hordes for even a little gathering when everything passes on in a couple of hits. PVP is exceptionally dynamic of late I have taken note. In the event that somebody needs your crushing spot without you in it, they will hit you without notice, except if it’s conspicuous you are in a gathering or are all the more remarkable.

What are some Essential Leveling Tips?

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However much pounding may appear to be direct, there are a few hints that you ought to find out about Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide to do it viably. A portion of the tips are recorded beneath:

  • Run, run, run: running assists with expanding your endurance. Stay away from the horseback during the primary levels of the game.
  • Talk much of the time: conversing with NPCs will expand your insight and energy.
  • Use Olivia workers when important: they are open for 30 days and they give 100% reward in battle insight.
  • Get a few pets: not exclusively are BDO pets charming, yet they will likewise help in gathering plunder as you progress through the levels. This is essential for leveling. Having pets is efficient as they gather plunder from vanquished adversaries.
  • Gathering up. use the abilities of undeniable level companions or society mates to advance to more significant levels. A few companions can run you through level 1 to 50 at a charge.
  • Dark Spirit missions are crucial: taking part in Black Spirit journeys is fundamental in extending stock. Other than that, you will build your energy and procure more commitment focuses.
  • Create fundamental abilities: BDO accompanies a few in-game fundamental abilities like cooking, chasing, and speculative chemistry. Make sure to level the abilities while you progress as they will make it simpler after you get to arousing.
  • Work on expanding your AP: darling levels are not all that specialized. You can go through effectively with starter gear. Adversaries become harder and really testing. It gets basic for you to be at around 120 DP or 90AP when you will level 50 for you to oversee higher specialized levels.

What Areas do you Target while Leveling?


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Levels 1-10

Having the reward XP worker makes the principal levels of BDO simpler. The significance of following the BDO instructional exercise abandons referencing. Black Desert Online BDO 1-60 Leveling Guide  is simpler with the prizes that are acquired from level one to ten. This incorporates a jackass mount just as additional stock space.

Forest of Seclusion (Level 11-13)

Most animals bear substandard battle capacities and won’t be so testing. The levels offer great XP. You should get back to Western Guard Camp when you arrive at level 13 for a Jarette Domongatt journey prior to continuing.

Northern Heidel Quarry (Level 13-15)

Also, this stage ought not be troublesome. Adversaries are not difficult to prepare and aggro. You will confront Small Mine Imps who have a run assault. Brutal Imps are typically prepared and may hurt you with a debuff from a ran spell. Regardless, you will acquire more silver from killing them.

Moretti Plantation (Level 15-18)

The levels here element famous crushing spots that accompany more adversaries. You may need to confront Violent Scarecrow Ghosts that generate with the capacity to drop Agerian Gloves. Hordes in this in this stage are very harming on the off chance that you need legitimate stuff.

Castle Ruins (Level 18-24)

Manor ruins offer bounty moment silver first of all just as an immense measure of drops. The spot has an assortment of pounding spots inside the mansion, inside the château dividers, and outside the palace. Other than that, the spot has outside adversaries with reach and skirmish capacities. The foes will drop Agerian Helmets, Rusty Helmets, and Demihuman weapons.

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Bloody Monastery (Level 24-30)

The yard inside the spot has countless foes that can be wiped out by the boatload. Your character will be more handy as you continue. You can utilize the AoK join to go through numerous adversaries.

Khuruto Cave (Level 30-35)

The spot includes a cavern that is ideal for pounding. Effective pounding at this stage will ensure more silver and experience. You will brush shoulders with a Violent – who is exceptionally harming – inside the cavern.


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