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Block Champ vs Blockudoku: Which One Is Best?


Over 164 million Americans play mobile games, and the number is rapidly increasing. While gaming may be seen as a “lazy leisure,” it provides surprising and remarkable cognitive function and mental health advantages. Gamers even claim to have enhanced their mental well-being and a more optimistic outlook on life.

This is only the top of the iceberg. The kind of games you play affect the rewards you may earn. Consider the game of Tetris. Do you recall being engrossed in the game for hours? Watching the blocks fall on your computer screen and positioning them in their proper placements to complete the puzzle demands incredible hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities.

Block Champ vs Blockudoku

Block Champ, an intriguing variation on a fan favorite, adds lightning bolts and ice cubes to the multicolored block forms. To fill and clear lines, arrange the blocks on a 10X10 grid. Lightning bolts have a multiplier effect. Before clearing, ice cubes must be melted.

Blockudoku is a strategy game that blends Tetris and Sudoku features to create a fascinating and entertaining memory game. There’s a lot to accomplish, and everyday challenges will have you coming back for more.

How to play Block Champ:

Arkadium invented Block Champ. Arkadium is a large game developer that exclusively creates the greatest games. Their games are well-known for their engaging gameplay and high-quality visuals.

Block Champ is an online game that consists of a grid and variously shaped blocks. On the right hand side of the screen, there are three different forms built up of blocks at any one time. You may create larger designs by moving the parts around with your mouse on the screen’s grid. To get points, you must fill the grid’s specific columns and rows with block pieces. When a column or row is completed, the blocks in that slots vanish and you are rewarded for them. Then you may fill those slots again to keep clearing rows and columns.


There are specific areas on some of the block forms, such as ice blocks and lightning bolts. When these blocks form a complete row or column, the move’s points are raised or power-ups are used. When two lightning bolts are put in the same row or column, the spaces between them are “electrocuted,” and the row evaporates without needing to be filled. Points are doubled when an ice block is utilized and the row is finished. The only way the circle can finish is if there is no more free space for the shapes you’ve been given to fit into. In such an instance, the round is done, and you can begin again to beat your previous score.

How to play Blockudoku:

Most Blockudoku players tried to remove distinct forms as quickly as they could. This method, however, is the source of numerous blunders. True, you can get rid of forms quickly, but only after making multiple blunders.

To demolish several lines and boxes, you must work in stages. This fast may reward you, but that should not be your goal. Mixing things up would simply aggravate the matter and put you in a bind. However, taking your time to answer the problem step by step might avoid you from having to rely on guessing and being stuck.

Squares and streaks are important in blockudocku because they lead to better points. You will receive more than nine points for each successful streak you achieve. It is simpler to get higher grades when you use streaks. However, it would be preferable if you did not wait to produce specific estimates. Seize every chance that comes your way, because delaying will not only result in you missing out on superior moves, but it will also result in you missing out on the right pieces.

When you remove blocks in a row, this is referred to as a streak. To create a streak, delete lines and squares numerous times in a row. When you clear numerous components in one move, this is referred to as a combination.

When you acquire a new set of blocks, take a moment to look at them and figure out how they’re going to go together. If one of them is grayed out, that signifies there is currently no place for it. In situations like those, you’ll need to find out how to clear some space so your game doesn’t finish.

Final thoughts:

We’ve all heard about Tetris games from the 1980s. We had all played that game and recalled how much time we had spent on it. Tetris is still popular, but these two games are making inroads alongside Tetris or the 10×10 game. You may play them online without having to download an app and can play anytime you want. Especially for Blockudoku, combining sudoku with a block problem added to the pleasure.