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Gunsmith Part 1 – Escape From Tarkov Guide Latest Update 2022


Gunsmith Part 1

Here we have the full guide on gunsmith part 1. Gunsmiths are able to craft weapons and offer weapon modifications, among other things. The Gunsmith can be found at North East Coast of the map in Rassvet. This guide will cover how to find him, what he does, and more!

Gunsmith Part 1 Escape From Tarkov is a Gunsmith Quest Series. I am Mechanic, and you’re here for help? It’s a shame there aren’t more of us in this world, but those PLC100 units are faulty – can only do so much with them. The orders will have to wait though; we need all hands on deck first. Gunsmith Part 1 is having trouble with amassing a firearm. He needs me to assemble an MP-133 and it has some missing parts, but first I will need 47 ergonomics, laser designator, all inclusive mags (no cells), and under 950 feet per second bullet speed. We’ll talk after that’s done.

One might think that the best way to finish this mission is through plunder drops. But, it’s actually not so difficult if you spend time at Flea Market! You’ll need a little over 60K Roubles and no more than 10 minutes of your day-to-day schedule in order to complete Tarkov on easy mode and without worrying about karma. The Gunsmith Part 1 has prompted numerous new players to join Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map. Players can likewise get their weapons adjusted by Jaeger, but player should follow a progression of steps in-game to open Jaeger in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 1 Guide

Gunsmith Part 1

To finish the Gunsmith Part 1 journey you need to give Mechanic a MP-133 shotgun (siphon activity, not the self-loader MP-153) with

  • In excess of 55 ergonomics
  • A laser connection
  • At any rate a 6 round mag
  • Under 950 joined vertical and level backlash
  • Takes up all things considered 4 stock spaces

This converts into a MP-133 shotgun with

  • Any laser connection
  • Any foregrip connection
  • The Plastic Pistol Grip for MP-133/153
  • A 6 round magazine tube
  • Any gag break

How to complete Gunsmith Part 1

If you’re looking for a shotgun, the MP-133 Tactical is your best bet. This weapon can only be obtained through trading with Mechanic at Shoreline and Reserve – which means that it will require some serious fishing! To start out, obtain any of the following:

  • 1) Reserve Extraction Points
  • 2) Screwdriver from The Flea Market
  • 3) Fishing Gear Generated by Trades to Equipments in Other Slots on Your Character Screen (Tool Compartments & Sports Packs).

You at that point need to buy the Gunsmith Part 1 Tactical blue laser LAM-Module from Skier level 1. At long last, you need to get the Plastic Pistol Grip for MP-133/153 connection.

This single handed grip is lamentably not accessible for purchase and essentially your best bet of getting one is by looting it off a dead scav with this gun in their inventory or as simply obtaining one through Manufacture or Reserves (so if they have guns). Fortunately, these grips are uncommon enough so that finding them shouldn’t be too hard.


Assembling the shotgun

To at long last collect the shotgun for exchanging

  • Eliminate the spotlight and 25 mm mount ring from the shotgun.
  • Eliminate the Trijicon RMR, Low profile mount for Trijicon RMR, and the Kiba Arms International SPRM mount for siphon activity shotguns.
  • Connect the Plastic Pistol Grip for MP-133/153
  • Connect the NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-Module

Also, presently you’re good to go to transform the Gunsmith Part 1 shotgun into Mechanic, and either use the Trijicon RMR on your own firearms, or sell it back to Mechanic too.

Rewards for Gunsmith Part 1

Finishing Gunsmith section 1 nets you an aggregate of

  • 6,500 character EXP
  • 0.04 Mechanic Reputation
  • 20,000 Roubles
  • A GLOCK 17
  • 50 rounds of 9×19 mm Pst gzh



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