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Blooket Hack Scripts, Cheats, Bot, Coins and Tokens


Blooket Hack

Blooket is one of the latest classroom review game that comes with exciting features for both students and teachers. In this article we will share few blooket hacks that you can use while you are playing any game or having a quiz on blooket.

These hacks will guide you how you can get free coins even if you are on mobile or you are using it on PC. Blooket hacks bot are also key to play games or quiz and win every quiz.

How Does Blooket Hack Works?

The best way to hack Blooket is using github scripts because it is a safe way for your mobile or system but your blooket account can get ban. There are many other ways and we have mentioned below so, read them and go for any that you like the most.

What Purpose Do You want to Hack Blooket for?

Your purpose of hacking Blooket is most important. For example; You want to hack it to get coins, Xp or just auto answer questions during a quiz.

We will share here all hacks lets start with blooket auto answer bot or clicker first.

You can use this bot to answer all blooket answers during quiz. When you will use this bot you won’t have to even click anywhere and you will be able to click before anyone else can even select an answer.

Here is the file to download blooket auto answer bot. You can safely download the file as it has been scanned and there is no virus attached to it.

Download blooket answer bot.

How can you use Blooket auto answer bot safely?

You can use it safely by adding it to your bookmark page option. If you use it via inspect element option then your account might get banned. But if you use it via bookmark option then everything will go fine.

In order to do this you will have to follow these steps:

  • You need to click on three dots given on top right side of your browser.
  • Then click on the option bookmark this tab.
  • Then instead of keeping the custom URL in bookmark just remove the entire field and paste the code.
  • Now Open your blooket account and start playing your game.
  • As soon as game begins all you will have to do is just click once on this bookmarked option.
  • It will automatically answer all the questions given in the quiz.

Legitimate Method to Get free Tokens in Blooket

Legitimate method to get free tokens in blooket is to play by the rules in the game and here is how you can do this.

Step 1: Create a set of questions where all the answers are correct.

Step 2: Start a Game Click “host” and choose “Factory.” Set the game to last 10 minutes.

Step 3: Join the Game in new tab, now enter the game code, and join the game.

Step 4: Begin the Game Click “Start” to begin. This will activate the “plus bonus.”

Step 5: Play Smart Try to answer as many questions as you can and aim for the best Factory looks to earn more tokens.

Tips for the Factory:

  • Join a full Clan for a Wonderland Factory set.
  • You can use an auto-clicker if you don’t want to click for 10 minutes straight.
  • Upgrade your books wisely, but avoid doing it when there’s little time left.

Step 6: Spin the Wheel At the end of the game, you can spin the wheel and maybe get a big bonus of 500 tokens or more.

Hacked Method to Get Infinite Tokens in Blooket

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser we can use Google Chrome for this.

Step 2: In the web address bar, type ““. This takes you to a webpage.

Step 3: Once you’re on that page, look for a folder called “cheats” and click on it. Inside “cheats,” go to “Global.”

Step 4: Find “get daily rewards.js” inside the Global folder. Click on it.

Step 5: In the top-right corner of your screen, click on the icon with two squares to copy all of the code.

Step 6: Go to the Blooket game website ( and make sure you’re signed in. You can tell you’re signed in if it says “dashboard” or “login.”

Step 7: Right-click anywhere on the page and choose “inspect.” Then, go to the “console.” Right-click there and pick “paste.” Once the code appears, press “enter.” You’ll see a message saying you’ve received your daily rewards, which include 500 tokens, 300 XP, and your daily wheel rewards.

Step 8: To make sure it worked, go to the in-game market and see if your tokens have gone up.

What Can Possibly be the Problem With the Blooket Scripts?

Sometimes the problem is, it can kick you out with a response “Too many requests”. You can handle this type of issue by simply using it to answer few questions but not too many. You can stop using script in the middle of the game or only use script in middle of the game not from the beginning.

It might not work for school computers if your school’s chrome extensions blocked js. (javascript).

What to do if github’s Blooket hack script does not work?

So what you can do when github’s blooket hack script does not work is that you can use javascript manifier and then it will work. In order to use manified javascript you need to type javascript:”then paste entire script here” and press enter button in the URL.

Who is the best Blooket Hack Script provider?

Blooket hacks glizzy is one of the best blooket hack script provider on github so far. You can access to it by opening this link:

What are the things that Blooket Cheats Tool can do?

blooket cheats

You can get daily rewards, sell cheap duplicates, remove name limit, give automatically correct answers or just highlight correct answers and use any block. This tool can also help you in crypto hack on blooket but you need to be careful.

Disclaimer of blooket hack: This topic has been covered on the demand of blooket users and does not affiliate with officials. This is just informational guide to help and guide users on the right track.