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Warframe Boltor Prime Builds Guide


Boltor Prime Build

While you can get the ordinary adaptation of the Boltor pretty from the get-go, getting the Boltor Prime Build is somewhat harder.

You do need to cultivate every one of the necessary relics first and afterward get fortunate with the drops. However, when you figure out how to get your hands on every one of the parts required, you can construct yourself perhaps the most grounded rifle in the game.

The Boltor Prime highlights a high cut harm joined with excellent basic harm and possibility, Neurodes Warframe Farm which will give you a very high harm yield.

The Boltor Prime Build is an essential weapon, an attack rifle that shoot out bolts as shots hence giving it its name. It is the Prime variation of the Boltor, a Tenno attack rifle.

And keeping in mind that you ordinarily don’t require numerous shots to murder one adversary, slaughtering an entire horde gathering may take much more, particularly on the off chance that you ‘splash and implore’ (like a great many people do. Lets be realistic, nobody got time to point!) you may end up in a difficult situation.

The Best Boltor Prime Builds

Picking the correct mods for your Boltor Prime ought to be genuinely simple in the event that you have at any point fabricate any rifle in the game: You ought to (quite often) use Serration, Point Strike and Split Chamber.

Likewise you’re generally exceptional on the off chance that you put in two basic mods, with Infected Clip and Stormbringer being the standard decision.

Yet, you ought to consistently attempt to pick the natural mod mix that will give you the best benefit against the foes you will look in your next mission.

You can utilize Primed Cryo Rounds all things considered on the off chance that you have that mod maxed, on the grounds that it will build your harm a lot. Yet, that is definitely not an unquestionable requirement have in any shape or structure.

Standard Boltor Prime Build

Boltor Prime Builds

Frankly, this form isn’t an exceptional thing. It is upstanding, traditionalist and just solid. Two essential mods, the standard mod help and Vigilante Armaments are acceptable in pretty much every rifle fabricate.

What’s more, since the Boltor Prime Build as of now includes a decent measure of basic possibility, utilizing Hunter Munitions feels excessively advantageous.

Simply make a point to watch out for your ammunition check and do whatever it takes not to spam an excessive number of slugs. You can even utilize Critical Delay over Heavy Caliber in the event that you need to hinder your weapon (and on the off chance that you have a feeling that you don’t actually require the additional base harm support).

That way you will naturally lessen your ammunition squander and therefor never under any circumstance have any issues with your ammo holds.

Different mods you should consider are Warframe Somatic Fibers Farming (discharge rate a some punch through are consistently pleasant), Piercing Caliber to expand the generally high cut harm of your weapon and Bladed Rounds, which is overly solid if your play style spins around pointing and not hip-shooting.

Super Fast Fire Rate Boltor Prime Build

Assuming you need to shoot 25 shots each second, this form is the place where you need to go! Adding Speed Trigger and Vile Acceleration to your assemble will enable you to discharge. Your magazine in less than three seconds – which is very solid. The off chance that you need to just butcher horde gatherings.

While this form needs natural mods and isn’t the best against more significant level adversaries. You will in any case feel solid during low and mid level missions.

You could even add Shred and Vigilante Fervor and become considerably quicker (however lose a decent measure of harm yield all the while). So don’t hesitate to explore different avenues regarding this form and track down the mod blend you do like the mos.

A couple of expressions of guidance: You will run out of projectiles. Quick. So Boltor Prime Build you definitely should utilize the Carrier (or it’s prepared rendition) to expand your measure of ammunition pickups. Else you will have loads of fun shooting your shot – yet just for a short measure of time.

Boltor Prime Mass Crit Build

Since the Boltor Prime as of now has a high basic possibility, work around Hunter Munitions and expanding. The basic possibility considerably further appears to be a smart thought.

What’s more, in case you’re utilizing this form. You’re really receiving a decent measure of harm in return. Unfortunately, your slice harm is exceptionally low. So Hunter Munitions will not be too successful.

You may even need to utilize something like Vigilante Fervor or Bladed Rounds all things considered.

Yet, you may likewise need to attempt Hunter Munitions and advantage. From it against undeniable level foes or during supervisor battles.

While this form isn’t on a similar level as the standard Boltor Prime Build form it actually. A decent measure of potential and some of the time you simply need to evaluate something other than what’s expected.



Boltor Prime Builds

The Boltor Prime is the Prime variation of the Boltor, holding the greater part. Its details with a couple of changed also.


  • Precision: Has an exactness of 50 ready to precisely hit adversaries at low to high ranges. (25 for Boltor)
  • Basic Chance: Has a 12% opportunity to bargain basic hits per shot. (10% for Boltor)
  • Basic Multiplier: Shots bargain 2x more harm on basic hits. (1.8 for Boltor)
  • Fire Rate: Fires around 10 shots each second. (8.75 for Boltor)
  • Magazine: Capacity of 60 shots for every magazine.
  • Clamor: Shots are disturbing and will caution adversaries when discharged.
  • Reload: Takes 2.4 seconds to reload another magazine. (2.6 for Boltor)
  • Status: Has a 34% opportunity to proc status impacts per shot. (14% for Boltor)
  • Trigger: Automatic – weapon discharge and keeps on shooting when trigger is held down.
  • Harm Types: Deals 4.6 Impact and 41.4 Puncture Damage (2.6 Impact, 2.5 Slash and 20 Puncture Damage for Boltor).

The Boltor Prime Build requires a Mastery Rank of 13 preceding it could be utilized. By players and assembled utilizing its outlines and Prime parts.

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