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Helpful Tips To Improve Your Critical Reasoning


There is no doubt that critical reasoning is one of the toughest sections in any bank examination. Most of you might be contemplating how you would be covering this section in a real exam. Here, we are going to help you in the context of critical reasoning.

Attempting mock tests can also help you to get good at logical reasoning puzzles. Several aspirants get confused about it. You may also subscribe to professional platforms to get to understand the preparation related material in an ideal manner.

Here, we are going to mention some of the helpful tips so that you could improve your critical reasoning. Let us check out more about it –

  • Simplify The Language Going With Easy To Understand Words/Sentence –

You know that the shortest and simplest answer is called the best ones.  It is pretty much like the test makers go with these rules established in SC. Moreover, they do not consider it while writing CR or RC oriented issues.  They prepare their sentences with the quite confusing language as much as they can do.

Therefore, you should go ahead to make the language simple so that you can think in a proper way about the questions. You need to go with comprehension and use language following clarity and accuracy. It comes from practice. You have to work on it indeed.

  • Go With Right Answer Choice –

The next thing you need to emphasize is going ahead to observe. Then apply relevant information that you churned out from the facts. Candidates also need to go with unstated assumptions as well as values. You need to go aware of the answer choices indeed. Therefore, you need to read it quite carefully first to understand what is being asked.

For example, if the question is all about following weakens the argument then you will be having one option only in front of you. This way will truly strengthen the argument. You need to stay aware of the answer. They are written to make the students get confused. If you are completely careful in the context of the trick,  your precious time and efforts will be saved that you might be putting on an incorrect answer.


  • Argument and Appraise Evidence –

Get learned the way of interpreting data so that you could evaluate arguments and appraise evidence. Questions based on Strengthen the Argument will be asked to find out the statement doing any of these things called supporting, bolstering, or adding the argument in the said passage. What you need to do is kick off by figuring out the prominent argument. Then you need to choose the answer choice imparting you perfect evidence in the context of the argument. You need to be smart enough to grab clue words so that you could figure out the question belongs to what category. Moreover, this way will help you to understand the question. Keep a close eye on existence in the context of the logical relationship between propositions.


  • Go With Your Own Words –

The next thing you need to do is simplifying the language that you use in a question. It will be better if you go ahead to make even the short notes to summarize each of the sentences.  The motto of this is all about making the passage quite easy to understand. Your own words will truly make it easy for you to get in comparison to the trick words chosen by someone putting effort to confuse you. This way will help in the best way to understand how the question has been phrased.

  • Categorized The Passage Into Different Parts To Have A Better Understanding –

You need to break the CR passage into different parts. If you are facing difficulty to understand the things mentioned in the passage, you need to break the passage into different important parts indeed. You need to understand what is all about the conclusion, assumptions, and factions so that better results could be found out.

It will truly help you to understand that what is being talked about in the passage following the structural approach to get it solved. You also need to pay attention so that warranted conclusions could be drawn as well as generalizations.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead with the best practice ways so that you get good at it. Critical Reasoning is quite important and practice can make you better at it.

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