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How to Add a Life Event on Facebook


Facebook life events make it easy to keep others updated on what’s going on in your life without requiring you to manually submit updates or status updates. You’ve probably seen them before; the situations in which people start new relationships, get engaged or married, or start new careers are the most common ones out there. The majority of the time, Facebook will generate these life events for you automatically if you update any part of your profile. On the other hand, there is a means for you to manually create a life event or modify the details of an existing one. You can also do either of these things if you want to. Here are the steps:

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How to Add a Life Event on Facebook

1. Open up your newly established profile page on Facebook and navigate to it.

2. Navigate to the right-hand side of the page and click the link that says “Life Event” directly above the text that asks “What’s on your mind?”

How to Add a Life Event on Facebook

3. Either select the category that corresponds to your post the most closely or click the box that says “Create Your Own.”

How to Add a Life Event on Facebook

4. Include the information that you would like to include, such as the title, date, description, location, and any photographs or people that you would like to tag, in addition to any other photographs that you would like to include. After you have completed everything, you can click the “Share” option that is located at the bottom of the page.

How to Add a Life Event on Facebook


Why can’t I post an event on Facebook?

You might not be allowed to post in an event for a few different reasons, including the following: In certain events, a participant can only publish if they are the event’s host. Before certain posts can be seen, event hosts are required to review and approve them. If the event host decides that your post is appropriate for the event discussion, it will be displayed there.

When should I post an event on Facebook?

A study conducted by Buffer found that the optimal time to post to Facebook is between the hours of one and three o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays and on Saturdays. In addition, we discovered that engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays than they are on other days of the week. On weekdays and Saturdays, the optimum time to post to Facebook is between the hours of one and three o’clock in the afternoon.

Do people still use Facebook events?

Even though Facebook Events have been around for a while, they continue to be an effective method for generating leads, cultivating client loyalty, and maintaining engagement with your audience.

Are Facebook events public?

Exclusively viewable by those to whom you have extended an invitation. You have the option of letting guests invite people of their own choosing. Only those who have been invited can view the event description, as well as any images, posts, or videos that have been uploaded. When anything is set to public, it is visible to anybody on or off of Facebook.