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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – How to Use Taxi


In the action game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you take on the character of a graffiti artist. The idea of quickly moving from one side of a big open area to another is always useful, even though their use has evolved with time. There are many places for players to explore and skate around in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Additionally, in this game, you’ll have to use one of the most widely used services in any city—at least before Uber. You can learn how to use a taxi in bomb rush cyberfunk by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Taxi

You might come see a taxi sign as you speed through New Amsterdam. It is possible to use the sign as a taxi destination by stopping next to it and interacting with it; this is basically how quick travel works in this game. So, just how do you use these taxis? First, we need someone to take the taxi wheel, so let’s return to Millennium Square.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - How to Use Taxi

A cab driver flanked by cops should appear in the large open region in the map’s center after a specific point in the main narrative. Since we found into him by mistake, we’re not exactly sure when he appears in the plot, so be sure to check back.

How to Use Taxi

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, players can get about quickly by taking taxis. Having said that, players do not start the game with the ability to use a taxi right away. The story must be continued until you get at Millennium Square. The cab driver will appreciate your kindness by offering to help you out from this point on, so save them.

A really welcome bonus given how much traveling you’ll be doing in New Amsterdam. You’ll now need to unlock each destination in order to use it once you’ve mastered the art of quick travel. Engage with a newly discovered taxi spot to add it to your list of quick travel destinations. The taxi sites at Mataan and Pyramid Island won’t be instantly unlocked to avoid giving too much away.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - How to Use Taxi

To be able to fast travel here, you will need to advance farther in the story. That being said, you will have to dance close to a cab if you wish to use one in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. By doing this, you can travel to any of the other taxi locations you’ve unlocked and have the cab come to you.

All Taxi Fast Travel Locations

In the video game “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk,” players can quickly travel between different regions of the game world by using Taxi Fast Travel Locations, which facilitate navigation through the large urban landscape. This streamlines the gameplay experience by acting as a handy hubs for rapid movement.

A brief guide has been included for players who may be having problems discovering all of these quick travel sites or who may have missed one to ensure they don’t miss any of these important locations. The “Hideout,” the first of these fast travel locations, is usually obvious and simple to locate, making it simple for players to get to. Now, let’s go on to “Versum Hill,” a unique and unforgettable navigational feature in the main zone where players fight the Franks.

The following location, “Millennium Square,” is south of the main Square area and provides a route through the game. Keeping with the directions, “Brink Terminal” is situated at the end of the game’s map, to the right of a bridge and a river. As players explore the environment, this placement can present an intriguing spatial dynamic for them to interact with.

Finally, players should search for the “Millennium Mall,” which should be easily identifiable and well-marked. Players need to engage with these quick travel sites once in order to unlock them all. After they are unlocked, players can use them as handy hubs for navigation, making it easier for them to move around the virtual city. By using this guide, gamers may ensure they don’t miss any of these important fast travel points, improving their overall gaming experience by making it easier to navigate the game environment.


How many playable characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

After completing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, players will be able to unlock an additional 14 characters in addition to the six they can acquire by progressing through the main story.

Can you play as red in bomb rush cyberfunk?

In order to defeat competing gangs throughout the five boroughs and become All City, you play as Red and the other members of the Bomb Rush Crew as they advance through the ranks in New Amsterdam. You build reputation through graffiti, and the best way to draw attention from your opponents is to paint your own work over theirs.

Is there character customization in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Particular character loader for Cyberfunk Bomb Rush. Supports the import of models as custom characters at the moment, with up to four costumes and custom names. Additionally, you can add unique graffiti and give your character unique noises.

Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk a sequel to Jet Set Radio?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a PC and Nintendo Switch game that is a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio, Sega’s elegant rollerblading game, is now available.

What is the story of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Red is a graffiti writer who was left without a head and now gets around with a cyberhead. He joins Tryce, Bel, and the Bomb Rush Crew in an attempt to discover his origins. In order to become the greatest graffiti group in the city, they decide to go all in together.