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Dredge – How to Get Refined Metal


Even though refined metal is one of the rarest resources in Dredge, it’s crucial: It’s the process of updating your hull, which increases the stability and space in your boat. These improvements strengthen the boat and increase its cargo capacity while also making it more resilient to damage. It’s not as common as wood planks or fabric, but you can find it in a few places around Dredge. It’s generally carefully hidden. You will learn how to obtain refined metal in Dredge by reading this article:

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Where to Buy Refind Metal

Purchasing Refined Metal is the simplest way to obtain it. It is sold for $500 a pop by the itinerant vendor who has established shops at Twisted Strand, Devil’s Spine, Stellar Basin, and Gale Cliffs. You will only be able to obtain one per pontoon before she runs out of stock, though.

In the world of Dredge, $500 is a bit pricey, but it’s not that difficult to accumulate the required cash. Additionally, the Traveling Merchant will give you a book titled Art of the Silver Tongue during your talk; this will lower the price of the goods she sells and raise the price of the fish she will purchase.

Dredge - How to Get Refined Metal

You’ll have to read the book while searching the water, so keep talking to her and giving her fish and items to fix. Go catch some fish, though, and keep selling them to her until you have the money. The Traveling Merchant’s Shipyard menu screen’s final tab is where you can find the Refined Metal.

How to Get Refined Metal

It’s recommended that players who want to upgrade their hull for the first time go around the east side of the Gale Cliffs to P3, which is located in the southeast part of that region. Gamers who enjoy fishing video games will find a waterfall on this square, which they can cross to access a chest-filled alcove. One sheet of refined metal, or the quantity needed to complete the Tier 2 Hull Upgrade, is contained in this container.

Dredge - How to Get Refined Metal

The Dusty Pontoon, located in N4 in the northwest corner of the Gale Cliffs, is a limitless supply of Refined Metal for fans in need of more sheets. Fans should access the Shipyard, browse the Traveling Merchant’s merchandise, then choose the Miscellaneous option after arriving at the pontoon. In this section, lovers of Lovecraftian video games can purchase a $500 sheet of Refined Metal, which will be replenished the day after it is purchased.

Dredge - How to Get Refined Metal

Although $500 might seem like a lot of money, gamers can quickly amass wealth by going fishing at the Dusty Pontoon and then selling their catch to the Traveling Merchant. For the avoidance of doubt, independent video game enthusiasts have to go to Dusty Pontoon’s Fish Market to start these sales, and everything else proceeds just like it would when selling fish in Greater Marrow.

Dredge - How to Get Refined Metal

A Net and some Crab Pots should be placed around the Dusty Pontoon by players who are attempting to gather the necessary funds to buy Refined Metal. In fact, these things require very little upkeep and can boost the rate at which lovers of exploration video games make money. To be more precise, Pots and Nets do require maintenance after a certain number of days of use, and the Traveling Merchant is equipped to handle those repairs in her Shipyard.

Dredge - How to Get Refined Metal


How do you upgrade the hull in Dredge?

In Dredge, a player needs to acquire Refined Metal in order to enhance the hull of their vessel. These improvements strengthen the boat and increase its cargo capacity while also making it more resilient to damage.

What is the best motor setup for dredge?

Having said that, players who merely like to have the fastest engine configuration possible for their Dredge ships should aim to install four Jet Drive Engines, an Engine Stack, and a six-slot engine located in the bottom-right corner of the research tree.

What is the person in gold in dredge?

Talking to the hooded figure on the island in K2 will grant you the opportunity to pursue Figure in Gold, an optional quest in Dredge. Players will be advised to catch a Red Snapper, a Fangtooth, and a Blue Crab as they progress through this quest, but they won’t be informed where to seek for them.

Who should I give the dog to in dredge?

Alternatively, you may give it to the researcher. Her portrait will be altered to include the dog if it is presented to her. Not only can you retain the dog for yourself, but you also have to chat to the researcher and select “Actually, I think I’m going to keep the dog” in order to do so.

What is the good ending of dredge?

Gather every last artifact to set off this grand climax. Once you turn in each one, instead of throwing them all in the Collector’s direction like you always do, go talk to the Old Mayor at the Greater Marrow.