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Can You Take A Phone In An Infrared Sauna?


Keeping your smartphone nearby is an integral part of many people’s lives. Although they’ve been around for less than 15 years, having the power of the internet at our fingertips is addictive, and distancing ourselves from it – even momentarily – can be difficult. So what do you do with your phone when you’re in the sauna? In this blog, we’ll take a look at whether you should bring your phone into the sauna or not.

Can you take your phone into an infrared sauna?

Of course, yes, you can take your phone into an infrared sauna, but whether or not you should take your phone with you is completely subjective. iPhones, Galaxys, and Pixels are all susceptible to heat and moisture, two things that embody the environment of a sauna. So while you may want to watch a show, listen to a podcast, or simply scroll, you will be risking exposure to these two attributes.

The answer really comes down to what you want out of your sauna session. While the temperatures of an infrared sauna are much lower than those of a traditional sauna, and the amount of moisture in the air is much less than a steam sauna, there is still a possibility of overheating the phone battery if not used carefully. But if you do want to use it in an infrared sauna, simple precautions can ensure no harm will come to your smartphone.

How to use a phone safely in an infrared sauna

There are a few basic steps you can follow to ensure your smartphone is safe during an infrared sauna session:

  1. Opt for a sauna with a cool/dry box. Clearlight® Saunas have this feature and it is super handy if you want to charge and keep your phone close to you in the cabin, without the risk. If you’re looking for an infrared sauna for sale we definitely recommend Clearlight® Saunas.
  2. Keep your phone with you but outside of the sauna cabin. Most saunas these days have Bluetooth features, so you can listen to your podcast or music in the cabin without actually having your phone in there with you.
  3. Remove it from its case. The biggest threat to your phone in an infrared sauna is the heat so giving it as much ventilation as possible will reduce the time it takes to overheat.
  4. Ensure it’s fully charged. Nothing drains the battery faster than the heat so makes sure you’ve got a full battery before bringing it inside so it lasts your entire sauna session.

Follow these basic steps and you’ll be able to enjoy your sauna session with your phone time and time again.

Can you take your phone into a traditional sauna?

Unlike infrared saunas, traditional saunas differ due to their extreme temperatures and moisture in the cabin. This is because traditional saunas use steam to heat the air in the cabin. As we mentioned earlier, two of the phone’s biggest enemies are heat and moisture, both of which are much more prevalent in a traditional sauna or steam sauna, than in the infrared sauna. Again, yes you can take your phone into a traditional sauna, but you really shouldn’t.

Why is it bad to use your phone in a traditional sauna?

Taking your phone into a traditional sauna is bad for a few reasons.

  • The extreme temperature will cause your phone to overheat quickly, possibly permanently damaging the battery life.
  • The moisture from the air in the cabin will damage the internal components of the phone, possibly ruining it permanently.
  • Traditional saunas typically don’t have anywhere to store your phone inside.
  • Traditional saunas are usually more of a community and commercial setting, where sharing the sauna with other people in the public is normal. Having your phone may cause people to feel uncomfortable.

Using your phone in a traditional sauna may damage your phone for good, so it’s best advised to leave your phone in your bag or in the locker room when visiting a traditional sauna or steam room.

How do you know if your phone is overheating?

When it comes to measuring the internal temperature of your mobile device, there is no simple answer. For years, it was possible to check this information in the settings menu of most phones, but as technology has evolved, so too have the standards for displaying key data points. Keeping your phone at the right temperature can help extend its life and keep it running as best as possible. Most phones should never go above 35 degrees Celsius, and that includes when charging and in use.

Smartphones are truly amazing pieces of technology that can do a variety of things, but they generate a considerable amount of heat while they are being used. All applications on your phone will produce more heat, so to maintain the performance you’ll have to control how strenuous the activities on your phone are over prolonged periods.

Nowadays only an app will give you a picture of what’s going on inside your phone. By having the appropriate app installed, you can identify any possible problems with your device so that they won’t turn into a bigger issues later. Maybe a quality temperature monitoring app might be for you!

What phone is best for use in a sauna?

When it comes to the best phone for sauna use, what you’re really looking for is the phone that heats up the least during use. We tested these major phones and our results showed significant differences between different models.

Here’s how they rank:

  1. Galaxy S9 Plus
  2. Pixel 2 XL
  3. iPhone X

The iPhone got 49 degrees Celsius during a video call, compared to the Pixel at 51 degrees and the Galaxy S9 at 44 degrees. The Galaxy S9 also got significantly cooler when charging than its competitors with 37 degrees Celsius, compared to 40 degrees for the iPhone and 34 degrees for the Pixel.

From these results, we can see that max temperatures vary across phones, with the Galaxy outperforming the other two across the board. Ultimately though, no matter which phone you choose, taking the appropriate steps to avoid overheating it during your infrared sauna session will keep it performing its best for years to come.