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Chibidoki Vtuber Face Reveal , Age and More Interesting Facts


Many of Chibidoki’s viewers have been pleading with her to reveal her identity on air finally. Read this article to find out Chibidoki’s true identity and fortune. Chibidoki is a VTuber on Twitch who has been active since July 3rd, 2021, and produces various content, including gameplay videos. Here, you’ll find information about Chibidoki Vtuber’s age, appearance, and other salient details.

Who Is Chibidoki?

Self-taught and making her debut on VTube on July 3, 2021, Chibidoki is a VTuber. She streams various activities on her Twitch channel, including gaming, cross-dressing, gremlin noises, and screams. She is a legendary cyber-dragon girl with superhuman strength, beauty, and wit. She leads an army of dragons that have been stranded on human territory. Her mission is to find a way to return to her house by activating a portal.

Chibidoki Vtuber Face Reveal

Chibidoki has not shown the public her face, and there are no images of her to be found elsewhere on the internet. Her real identity has not been established, and she frequently sends animated images to herself. In addition to this, she does not present her appearance to the public or the media.

Chibidoki Age

Born on June 30, 2000, Chibidoki will turn 21 in 2022. Chibidoki is an independent VTuber who is 152 centimeters tall. She uploads a wide range of content to her Twitch channel, including gameplay, gender-bending, gremlin noises, and screams. She’s pretending to be a pretty VTuber to recruit lowlifes into her dragon army to build a path back into the mansion.

Chibidoki’s Net Worth

Chibidoki has not recently revised her wealth statements in the press. However, the streamer may have earned a respectable fortune, given the size of her social media followings. The host is a Twitch partner who also posts videos to YouTube and other platforms. The amount of money Chibidoki makes each month and her income remains a mystery to her fans. Chibidoki has been mum on how much money she makes through endorsement deals and paid subscribers on Twitch.

Chibidoki Social Media

On her YouTube channel, which has more than 141,000 subscribers, Chibidoki has a large number of followers and subscribers. In addition, she has over 158 thousand people who follow her on Twitch, and she has 63 thousand followers on Twitter.

Chibidoki Wiki

Real Name Chibidoki
Nickname Chibi, Gremlin, Chihuahua, Cheebs, and Cringetube
Date of Birth 30th June 2000
Age 21 years as of 2022
Birthplace Will update
Gender Female
Nationality Will update
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Profession Youtuber
Famous For Youtube Videos


Is Chibidoki actually a guy?

Profile. A skrunkly cyber magical girl who is famous for her boundless enthusiasm, cuteness as a model, and wit as a person. Her current mythology has her as a cute Vtuber and a mystical cyber girl that lives within your computer.

Who is the first male VTuber?

On July 20, 2017, Baacharu, a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber, made his debut on the platform. He asserts that he was the very first male Virtual YouTuber in the world.

Who was the 1st VTuber?

Although Ami Yamato was the first YouTuber to post vlog-style material on the site, the term “virtual YouTuber” wasn’t popularized until Kizuna Ai, a Japanese VTuber who made her debut in 2016. Kizuna Ai is credited with coining the term and helping to promote it.

Who is the fastest VTuber?

After only two weeks online, Hyakumantenbara Salome had more subscribers than any other VTuber in history. Midway through the year 2022, Salome debuted via the NIJISANJI group. While she did not start out as a member of a specific “generation” of VTubers, she made history by becoming the first solo creative to release content under the title.