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How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft


Wolves are one of the most common mobs in Minecraft, yet they are also one of the most dangerous. Wolves may be found in the wild, and they can be tamed and trained to be faithful pets for the owner. Once they are tamed, they exhibit all of the behaviours that you would expect from a devoted family dog. As a matter of fact, some players confuse tame Minecraft wolves with tame Minecraft dogs.

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How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

Steps to Tame a Wolf

There will be two distinct wolves that you may locate inside the biome, one of which will be a baby wolf and the other an adult wolf. Select one of them and begin developing a strategy for bringing them under control.

By pushing the tame button on your controller, you should be able to offer the wolf the bone you have on your hand. The wolf will begin to respond as soon as you complete this step since they are drawn to the bone on your palm.

2. The signs

More bones should be offered to ensure that no heart starts emerge along with black smoke throughout the process of reanimation. If the hearts do emerge, it indicates that the taming procedure has already been completed.

If the breeding procedure was successful, the wolf will be in a sitting position and will be wearing a crimson collar as a sign of success. An enraged wolf, on the other hand, will not be tamed, and you will need to be patient as you wait.

3. Angry wolves sign

Occasionally, if you do anything wrong to the wolves, they may become enraged with you as well. It emerges for a variety of reasons, one of which being the fact that you were attacked by wolves. When the wolves became enraged, the crimson eyes would appear. They will attempt to murder you at the same time, and you must prepare for this eventuality in advance. Keep an eye out for them since they can outrun you.

Following all of the requirements for how to tame a wolf in Minecraft is a straightforward process. There is a straightforward step that must be completed using a specified technique. Before you begin breeding, double-check that you have all of the necessary materials in your possession already. People are not always able to remain patient while the taming process is taking place. It would only take a few minutes until the wolves would come to you and you would be able to act as their leader.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use to tame a wolf in Minecraft?

To tame a wolf, you need to utilize bones. When you slay skeletons, you can obtain their bones.

How do you get a wolf to follow you in Minecraft?

A collar will appear on the neck of your tamed wolf, and it will begin to follow you across the map. Right-click on the tame wolf to make it sit or remain, and right-click again to make it follow you around the room.

What do tamed wolves eat?

In Minecraft, you may feed your tamed wolf any form of meat, with the exception of fish. In fact, you may feed it rotting meat (yuck!) and it will not be badly affected by the Hunger status effect.