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Could you just spend your time at the casino in GTA?


Grand Theft Auto, the pretty much lawless wasteland that we all love…well most gaming people do anyway! It has everything that you would not do in real life all compacted into a certain city. From Vice City to Liberty City to Los Santos, there is a city where you could stamp your authority on. The cities are filled with prostitutes, gun violence, carjacking, strip joints and so many explosions! However, one of the most popular pastimes for players is the casino.

History of casinos in GTA

The casino seems to have been around for such a long time in GTA but in fact it was only added to the latest GTA in 2019, GTA V, and Los Santos was the first place that gamers could bet their money. With GTA V coming out in 2013, it is understandable why people may have thought that casinos have been in the game for a long time!

However, it can be seen that the casino is already there and is under construction when you first load up the game. In 2019, that banner was gone and then the Diamond Casino & Resort.


With the addition of the casino to the latest version of GTA and the one that has had the longest lifespan, it has meant that Rockstar have been able to do a lot more with the casino than they may have done in the past.

The casino is another place for gamers to spend their time and money that they have acquired in the game whether that be in the single player mode or the more popular version online.

Why is the casino so popular?

Well like any casino it is a popular pastime. Like casino days in India, it provides entertainment for hours on end and with an abundance of games available to gamers when they enter the casino it is understandable why people would just spend their time in the casino when they load up GTA.

Can you spend a whole session in the casino?

A session is obviously subjective but you could easily spend a couple of hours in the casino playing all the games available in there. With slots, roulette, horse racing and the daily spin you can lose time when you are betting all your virtual money in a vicious quick bid to make enough money to buy an Imponte Ruiner 2000.

How have Rockstar kept the casino interesting?

The one thing that stands out about the casino is how realistic it feels. There has been a lot of planning that goes into making the casino have that real feel of a casino and even a life-like atmosphere that you would experience in an actual casino.

With it only released in 2019 onto GTA V, the Diamond Casino is technically still a relatively new addition to the game but with access to the penthouses and interesting games with different designs, players are still finding new things at the casino.

So head on over to the Vinewood Racetrack, you cannot miss it, and spend some time in the casino.