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How to Fish in Animal Crossing


If you want to get the most out of your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll need to learn how to fish first. This is a requirement if you want to make the most of your island. To everyone’s relief, Nintendo has made it simple to acquire a fishing pole and get started luring even the most elusive of critters into your net. Once you get a grasp on the fundamentals, fishing in New Horizons has the potential to become a very lucrative way to pass your time there.

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Obtain a Fishing Rod

You’re going to want to make sure you have a fishing rod before you get too enthusiastic about the prospect of catching sharks and coelacanths. In contrast to other titles in the Animal Crossing series, fishing rods and all other types of equipment are not indestructible. After a few dozen times of usage, the fishing rod will break, and you will need to make a new one. The fishing rods that can be purchased in New Horizons come in a few different sorts, and each one is more powerful than the one that came before it. These are the following:

  • Flimsy Fishing Rod (10 catches)
  • Sturdy Fishing Rod (30 catches)
  • Golden Fishing Rod (90 catches)

You can start the crafting process by going to your workbench if you have all of the essential components and recipes for do-it-yourself projects. In most cases, a fishing rod may be purchased from Nook’s Cranny for a few bells, which is a good option for someone who does not enjoy working on do-it-yourself projects.

How to Fish in Animal Crossing

How to Fish in Animal Crossing

Once you have a fishing rod in your possession, there is nothing else you need to do before going fishing in the waters around your community. However, you can’t just throw your line in the water wherever and hope that fish would start biting it. Instead, you will need to search for individual fish by checking for a dark shadow that is hiding beneath the water’s surface. These are available in a total of six distinct sizes, and each of those sizes corresponds to a unique assortment of fish. Guppies, on the other hand, usually have one of the tiniest shadows in the game, and sea bass always have one of the largest shadows.

Now that your villager is positioned to face the shadow, it is at long last time to let go of your line. You will need to click the A button to cast out your line after you have navigated to the fishing rod in your inventory, selected the Hold option, and then pressed the button. You might have to move around a few times and recast the line before the fish notice your bobber and begin to nibble on the line, but eventually they will notice it. If you want to give the pebble the best possible chance of hitting with the target, you should try to drop it directly in front of the target.

Because the fish are showing interest in the line, you will need to be patient and wait for the bobber to go all the way under the water. To bring it back under control, press and hold the A button when this occurs. If you press too slowly, the fish will get away from you. If you press it too early, you will spook the fish, and it will swim away before it is entirely hooked. You won’t become an expert angler overnight, but with little time and effort, you’ll soon become a pro.

Using Fish Bait

How to Fish in Animal Crossing

Making your own fishing bait takes a few extra minutes of work, but it’s time well spent if you want to speed up the fishing process. You won’t have to waste time searching for fish all across your island if you use this item because it will allow you to bring them to you rather than luring them there. The process of making your own fish bait is by far the most efficient way to acquire it, and it only requires a single ingredient: manila clams.

These are buried in the sand along the coastline of your island, and they can be found there. Find the source of the water that is gushing out of the earth, get your shovel ready, and start digging. Because it takes one manila clam to make one piece of fish bait, we recommend that you stock up on manila clams before heading back to your workbench so that you may make the most of your time there.

When you have a bag full of fish bait, all you need to do to go fishing is go up to the body of water you want to fish in, open your backpack, and start using your bait. This will cause a fish to materialize in front of you, making the process of fishing significantly more productive.

Fishing locations

In a manner quite similar to that of the real world, fish in Animal Crossing can only be found inhabiting specific environments. For instance, it is not possible to reel in an arowana when casting into the ocean, and you will never encounter an eel-like creature known as a moray eel prowling about in rivers. The following is a list of all of the unique areas in New Horizons that are home to their own species of fish:

  • Sea
  • Pier
  • River
  • River (Clifftop)
  • River (Mouth)
  • Pond

If you don’t throw out your line at each of these sites, you won’t be able to complete your Critterpedia and will therefore be missing out on a full area of the catalogue. You will need to consult an internet reference in order to determine which species of animals are likely to spawn in a given area before you can view the specifics of a fish that you have successfully captured.

Fishing with your eyes closed

It might seem strange, but a lot of people enjoy fishing with their eyes shut for some reason. The game provides both visual and audio signals to the player while they are fishing. We have already gone through the visual clue, which is the bobber sinking below the surface of the water. However, there are some New Horizons experts who are of the opinion that listening for an aural indication is a much more effective technique to determine whether or not a fish has been hooked on the line. This is how the process goes.

The game will make a distinct splashing sound that can only be heard when the fish is hooked on the line when the bobber is totally underwater. When players close their eyes, they eliminate one potential source of distraction—the false indications of fish bites that cause the bobber to move around and, as a result, force them to reel in their line too soon. Instead, all they have to do is pay attention for the telltale splash before pushing down the A button and bringing in their catch. It is not effective for everyone, but giving it a chance is absolutely something you should do if you discover that you are easily startled while fishing.


Why can’t I catch fish on Animal Crossing?

If you don’t see the shadow of a fish, there’s no point in casting your line until you do. You won’t get a bite otherwise. Once you have done so, all that is required of you is to equip the fishing rod, turn your back to the light, and press the A button to cast. Your objective is to position the bobber so that it falls just in front of the shadow cast by the fish, or at the very least so that it is close enough for the fish to see your hook.

What button do you press to fish in Animal Crossing?

When the bobber falls under and you hear a “kerplunk” sound, you need to press the A button right away. Timing is crucial, so make sure you don’t start pulling in your line too quickly. The fish will swim away if you bring the bobber back in before it dips under the water.

How do you fish in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

Taking Fishing Strides

The player will initially be required to acquire a Fishing Rod. This item can be purchased for the price of 500 Bells. After that, the player will need to find a body of water and wait there until a shadow appears in front of them. After that, they have to press the A button to throw the rod, and then they have to wait till the fish takes a bite out of the bait.

What is the fish fishing rod Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of the tools available to use is called the Fish Fishing Rod. This item can be used by the user as a fishing rod for a total of 30 times to reel in fish. You can buy the Fish Fishing Rod from the improved Nook’s Cranny for 2,500 Bells once it has been updated.

What is the best bait for fishing?

Worms, leeches, minnows, crayfish, crickets, and grasshoppers are among the freshwater fishing baits that are considered to be among the best. Choose effective baits for fishing in saltwater such as sea worms, eels, crabs, shrimp, strips of squid, and portions of fish that have been sliced up. You have the option of purchasing live bait, but the best way to save money is to find your own.