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Crafting Your Video Remarketing Strategy on YouTube


Brisbane is one among the best cities to explore in Australia. Like Sydney, you get plenty of sunshine so that you do not have to bring your umbrella on most days. Some suburbs are great for walking, such as the central business district, South Brisbane, West End, Paddington, Fortitude Valley, Woolloongabba, and Kelvin Grove, among others. To its credit, the city’s planners are always trying to find ways to make Brisbane one of the most walkable cities in Australia.


But for businesses, they do not have to rely on walk-in customers to expand their client base. Social media channels like YouTube and Facebook make it possible to advertise their services to their target audience even on a meagre budget. Even if they could not complete the transaction the first time, you can retarget potential buyers with the help of an SEO agency in Brisbane.


Why Advertise on YouTube?


Companies who advertised on Facebook typically have good feedback. And they might be wondering if they could have the same results on YouTube. It is hard to make comparisons, but one advantage of the social media platform is that Google owns it. You can link your Google Ads with your YouTube account for video remarketing.


Another advantage is that the advertiser can do more with their budget. For instance, Facebook will immediately count the video against your advertising cost when the clip runs for three seconds. But YouTube will only count the video when it runs for 30 seconds or the entire length of your ad.


What is the implication? It means that your target audience is engaged because they made it past 30 seconds or the entire duration of your ad. With Facebook, there is a lot of noise. Some people might have just accidentally watched the video, but they are not really engaged nor fully interested.


Plus, YouTube allows you to retarget your potential buyers if they did not buy from you on the first try.


Crafting Your Video Remarketing Strategy


First, you need to link your Google Ads with your YouTube account. The process will give you the ability to craft a remarketing list based on the potential customer’s search behaviours. Since Google also owns YouTube, you can expand the reach to searchers who do not frequent YouTube. The next time they watch a video, your ad will pop up.


Make sure you do not forget the following:


  1. Filter targets for your viewers – YouTube has expanded the ways that the business can target its potential buyers. You can narrow down your target audience by filtering them according to demographic, age, gender, relevant searches, topics, customers match, and others.


  1. Affinity audience – You can increase the chances of consummating the transaction by targeting audiences that are already interested in relevant topics. For instance, if they are searching for skincare products, you can edge out the competition by making the first pitch. Another level is the custom affinity method where you can further customise the filters to narrow down the search. Instead of beauty skin care products, you can reach out to people who are looking for “acne removal products” instead.


  1. Life events – Graduations, the first day of college, baby showers, or the Brisbane Festival can become opportunities to make a sale. With the help of an SEO agency in Brisbane, you can piggyback on these milestones and festivals and retarget your audience.


As already mentioned, Google also owns YouTube, and it provides you with advantages unmatched by other social media channels. You can track potential customers they search on Google and then show them your YouTube ad.

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