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Top 4 International SEO Tips to Enlarge Your Business


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For any business, achieving an international expansion is a huge milestone. Most business owners think that if their businesses are thriving at home, they will gain huge success abroad. But, it is not the truth, and they need to pay attention to the international SEO strategies. Achieving correct online visibility can be difficult, particularly where there exist barriers like culture, language, and search habits or behavior. Below down are some SEO tips that will let you soar your business across the globe.

Perform localized keyword search:

You may often feel like you truly understand your current audience’s searching behavior. But, these keywords do not need to be popular across the board. Thus, conduct localized keyword research. It will help to judge the queries online, which is likely to serve you with the best in every country. A SEO Consultant Perth recommends considering regional variation into account while targeting. The complexities increase when it comes to deal with entirely different languages. You may not understand the words and need to understand how cultural content can influence intent. Culture plays a great role when it comes to influencing people to formulate their online queries. Thus, you cannot ignore this factor while selecting location-specific keywords.

Choose an efficient domain strategy:

A .com is considered to be the top-level domain (TLD). But, being too generic, it cannot attract international customers. The domain you want you to want to use must target the country you want and show users globally that your site is catered to them specifically. A ccTLD is popular because it shows the country code, and the users and search engines come to know the target country. But, if you are having several localized versions of the site across several ccTLDs, the search engines will consider them as separate entities, which means each domain will require to create backlinks and authority right from scratch. Pros and cons vary from one domain to the other. Thus, it is important to understand which one works for your business.

Google is not the limit:

When it comes to SEO efforts, Google is considered to be the culminating point. But, you need to understand that there may exist other search engines that need to be prioritized while planning for international expansion. Several countries that have the largest markets direct their maximum queries into wholly different platforms. Therefore, only keeping the focus on Google alone may harm your profits and visibility. When targeting popular markets, you must not neglect alternative search engines because each of them has its unique algorithms. Do not consider alternatives that make the indexing process slow, as it can take longer to show you the aids of your efforts. The paid results are given more priority than organic results. Some search engines value meta keywords, which Google does not nowadays. So, choose the alternatives according to your need.

Put hreflang tags into action:

Hreflang tags signpost indicates which locations and languages your pages are putting a target upon. This helps Google to understand which is the most appropriate version of a page for its readers or users. Therefore, hreflang tags are indispensable and must be included for both region and language. For instance, if you use the ‘en’ tag, it shows Google that your page is for all the English speakers out there. But, you can also include tags to indicate geographical locations. For example, if you are targeting Canada, you may use ‘en-ca’ for all the English speakers over there. Thus, it is necessary to use correct codes, and you may also take the help of tools to minimize mistakes.


Every business owner out there wishes to expand his or her business. But, even with some good moves, they fail to do so. But, before commencing any of the above-mentioned tips, do some research and pre-plan your strategies so that you can withstand any challenges swiftly.

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