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Create Content On LinkedIn To Attract More Employers


Most people know LinkedIn as a website to use when looking for a job. Very few make the connection and realize that it is actually a social networking website for professionals. What does that mean? It means you should be using the platform to show others in your industry how worthy you are of the position you are in, and that you have potential to build your career. 

Why Content Matters

Content creation is usually thought of as vlogging, blogging, or other forms of social media content. However, creating content on LinkedIn is a great tool to use because it allows you to show industry leaders your expertise.

You can even use services like SocialWick to reach a wider audience on LinkedIn, allowing you to network professionally with people you might not have had the chance to interact with otherwise. 

Creating and sharing content on the platform is used as a means of engaging potential future employers and others in the industry. Especially if you create content, you will be showcasing your expertise in your professional field. Think of it as flexing your muscles in front of the judges. 

How To Create Content For LinkedIn

The first thing you need to remember when creating content for LinkedIn is to remain professional in your tone. This is a professional networking website, so leave the memes and emojis for your Twitter feed. Here are a few other things you need to consider:

  • Keep the content short. People are busy with their jobs, and they might not have time to read lengthy posts. You are more likely to get engagement if your posts are short and to-the-point. 
  • Post consistently. Try to work out a consistent schedule to post content on LinkedIn. Over time, people will seek out your content before you post.
  • Timing matters. Studies show that posting between 10-2, and 5-6pm are the best times to post. You’ll get more engagement if you post at these times. 
  • Research what your audience wants. Your audience is probably searching for content online. Take the time to research what they are looking for, and provide it. If they have a question, make sure you’re the first to answer it.
  • Engage and share other posts. There are times when you won’t have anything particularly insightful to post. Try to search for interesting content from other users—engage with them, share their posts. The LinkedIn community operates on a “give and take” system. Engage with other posts, and users will engage with yours. That’s professional networking at its best. 

Last but not least, make sure your content comes from an authentic source. The worst thing you can do is post factually incorrect content that will make you lose your credibility. Always research what you post before you post it. 

Use LinkedIn To Attract Employers And Land A Job

Once you get the hang of posting content on LinkedIn, you will be able to build a reputation for yourself. Even if you’re still at the bottom of the corporate ladder and there’s a lot of room for your career to grow—you can use LinkedIn as a way to land your dream job.

The LinkedIn community consists of people from all levels in every industry. Setting yourself up as an expert in your field will help others in the industry take note of your expertise. Soon enough, recruiters might come looking for you. That means you won’t be looking for a job, the job will come to you

It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Also, it will help you stay passionate about your job.