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Can Twitch Help You Improve Your Musical Skills?


Playing an instrument is like building your muscles—and without practice you’re likely to lose that muscle memory. But repeating the same old tunes to yourself will only get you so far. If you’re trying to improve your musical skills and boost your creativity, you need an audience.

What’s the easiest way to get a live audience these days? Twitch—a live streaming platform run by Amazon. Working to get a live audience at your local theater or even at the corner of the street can be tough. On Twitch, all you need is a visit to StreamOZ to boost your account and drive traffic. 

About Twitch

The livestreaming website was launched in 2011, following the success of its predecessor ( The platform is primarily used by the gaming community as a method to livestream their gameplay and earn money through marketing. However, there are many other categories on Twitch that are highly popular, including music. 

Playing Music On Twitch

Many people come to Twitch to view live performances from amateur artists all over the world. At times, these performances are hastily put together—more of a practice run than a performance. In any case, the entertainment value of such performances is very high. 

It isn’t difficult to set up a live streaming account on Twitch and start playing your music to the world. All you really need is a high quality microphone, a decent camera, and a reliable internet connection. If you’re camera-shy, there’s no reason to show up on the screen at all! 

Many live streams on Twitch don’t have anyone showing on screen—some are even live feeds of animals in the wild. There is a wide variety of content being streamed on Twitch, and you can play whatever music suits you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because you’re bound to find some viewers that will enjoy your particular taste. 

How Live Streaming Your Music Helps You

You may be wondering if it isn’t just better to practice on your own as you usually do. While that may be fine, you should always look for ways to challenge yourself. That is the only way you can find ways to improve your talent—by venturing out of your comfort zone and into unchartered territory. 

These are two of the ways that live streaming can help your career in music:

You’re Building A Fan Base

One of the main benefits of playing to an audience is that they will be transformed into your fans if they appreciate your musical style. These are the people who will eventually become your die-hard fans because they’ve been with you right from the start.

Once you’re successful in building a fan base, they will follow you to any other platform you choose. It may seem like a long way to go, but patience is key in the music industry. 

Live Streaming Means Honest Feedback

The internet is harsh, and the comment section is mostly populated by many trolls. That translates to people that aren’t afraid to give you negative feedback. While it can be tough weeding out the trolls from the real constructive criticism, but you can always count on the internet to point out your flaws. 

Use feedback from the comment section to improve your skills. 

Use Twitch To Improve Musical Skills

As you can see, you can certainly use Twitch as a platform to hone your music skills and improve them tremendously. If you put in the hard work and dedication, and really listen to your viewers, you will be able to improve what musical skills you already have and elevate your standards.