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Cure for AIDS or HIV Virus is closer than ever


Solution for HIV/AIDS has been the subject of research throughout recent decades. Nonetheless, presently that we’re in 2019, the inquiry still emerges, will we locate an attainable remedy for HIV/AIDS in our lifetime?

Mankind has since a long time ago endured the plague of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, as it is regularly known. The infection causes Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the most dangerous sickness we have ever confronted. Yet, there might be some uplifting news after so long – it creates the impression that scientists are at last drawing near to finding a remedy for the infection.

The soonest record of AIDS

solution for HIV/AIDS 2019The most punctual record of HIV/AIDS was recognized for the situation during the 1970s when the infection was found in the blood and tissue tests of patients who had just passed away. Ten years after that. Specialists recorded the first since forever instance of HIV/AIDS in a live person.

From that point forward, the confusion has spread to a great many individuals on the planet. Research is well in progress, attempting to discover a similarity to a remedy for HIV/AIDS. Till now, we have been utilizing antiretroviral treatment where patients need to take one tablet consistently to battle the disease.

Dr. Stephen Klotz has stated,

“We have demonstrated that long periods of antiretroviral treatment can return patients to a non-fragile state. Also, drawn-out antiretroviral treatment reestablishes cell capacity and quantities of cells unfavorably influenced by HIV.”

remedy for HIV/AIDS 2019We are yet to see the one-stop arrangement the deadly turmoil, yet for the time being, a second patient called the London Patient has been uncovered to be totally HIV free in the wake of getting a bone marrow transplant treatment.

HIV Virus

While this is absolutely is uplifting news, anticipation is positively better. Individuals should rehearse safe sex strategies and abstain from sharing needles to abstain from contracting HIV/AIDS.

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