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Dave The Diver – How to Tranquilize Sharks


Dave the Diver’s Hush Dart can be used to calm down sharks instead of killing them. There are two approaches of calming marine life. First, it allows for capture with zero risk to the subject. Second, it can also provide you a chance to escape if the conflict is too severe and you don’t believe you’ll make it out alive. The catch is that you can only upgrade it very late in the game, or you can utilize a more powerful weapon in the early to mid game. How that calms Sharks in Dave the Diver is covered in this post.

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How to Tranquilize Sharks

Since sharks are considerably larger than other fish, the initial level of your Tranquilizer Gun (Hush Dart) won’t be sufficient to put them to sleep. Don’t worry! Dave the Diver provides a wide variety of methods for subduing sharks.

Two of the simplest ways to calm sharks early in the game are:

  • The Tranquilizer Rifle is purchased from Duff’s weapon shop. Three Cuttlefish Skin Fragments, fifteen Fragments, and two hundred Gold are needed to craft this improved variant of the standard Underwater Rifle. As you level it up, its effectiveness against sharks and other fish grows from 40% to 60%.
  • Discovered by chance in storage containers. A simple bop to the shark’s head may be enough to instantly calm it down. Avoid bopping it again if you don’t want to wake the shark up.

The most effective strategy for obtaining 3-star variations involves tranquilizing sharks. That being said, you now have access to a wider variety of methods for tranquilizing sharks.

Dave The Diver Hush Dart – Tranquilizing Sharks

Many different species of marine life await you and Dave as you travel the amazing depths of the ocean. Your experience in a shark encounter, from the best to the worst, will depend on the gear you bring. There are other options available besides immediate termination of the interaction.

Having a living specimen to sell can increase your earnings by a factor of two. So, if you want to make more money, take the time to tranquilize sharks in Dave the Diver. Putting a shark to sleep can buy you precious seconds to reload, breathe easier, or escape the fight when everything else fails. The Hush Dart and the Small Net Gun are both locked up in a chest you’ll find underwater. Once you’ve gained access, you can make the gear out of the following supplies:

  • x2 Red Starfish
  • x2 Orange Starfish
  • x3 Copper Ore
  • x50 Gold

Dave The Diver: How to Tranquilize Sharks

In Dave the Diver, the Hush Dart at the first few levels is not near strong enough to tranquilize a shark. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete the game and keep purchasing upgrades for the Hush Dart at Duff’s Weapon Shop. You can permanently improve your weaponry after completing the major missions up to Chapter 2.

However, the components for the ultimate Hush Dart upgrade won’t become available until Chapter 6. Only the maximum upgrade will put sharks to sleep. When using a Hush Dart, success is indicated by the appearance of three dots above the target’s head. There will be the customary “zzz” of sleepiness very soon. When that happens, you can go in for the kill. If you want to capture sharks, tranquillize them first, and then capture them, you’ll need a Salvage Drone.


Does the hush dart work on sharks Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver doesn’t let you tranquilize a shark until Chapter 2. In this chapter, you’ll gain access to the Hush Dart, but it’s not nearly powerful enough to kill sharks just yet.

How do you find sharks in Dave the Diver?

You’ll want to head to the far right side of the Giant Blue Hole if you want to spot the Whitetip Reef Shark, although you may have to go a little bit deeper than you planned (the depth of the Blue Hole varies from dive to dive). Despite his size, the shark only has one attack: a charge that can be easily avoided by swimming under or above.

Can you tranquilize big fish in Dave the Diver?

In Dave the Diver, players can only get three-star fish if they capture them without harming them. Using a Net Gun or tranquilizer weapon to render the fish immobile makes this task much simpler. However, due to their size, sharks and other huge fish can’t be caught in this manner.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

The Red Sniper Rifle is the best option available from a purely statistical standpoint. This monster has the most damage output of any firearm (32 per shot), the longest range (20 meters), and the highest magazine capacity (three bullets). Being designed for a sniper, this gun is extremely precise, and the laser sight makes aiming quick and easy.

Can you tranquilize Marlin Dave the Diver?

Using the tranquilizer harpoon has a 50 percent success chance, but once the marlin is unconscious, you may call the drone over to collect it by pressing Q on the keyboard or Y on the controller. Drone fish retrieval results in more edible fish.