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Starfield – Romance Barrett Quest


Barrett is the game’s initial romantic interest. Although you must temporarily abandon him on Vectera’s moon, you will soon return to rescue him and begin a passionate relationship. Despite this, Starfield’s romance mechanic is largely concealed, making it unclear what you need do in order to romance Barrett. Learn all about the Romance Barrette Quest in Starfield by reading this article!

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How to Romance Barrett

In the beginning of the game, the player is introduced to Barrett, a member of Constellation. Even if your initial encounter with him is quick, there won’t be much of a wait for players who want to romance him. After finishing the core story goal, “Back To Vectera,” players will be given three simultaneous story missions, one of which entails meeting with Barrett again. Barrett will be accessible as an interactive companion once his quest is complete.

To increase one’s affinity with a preferred friend, like with any possible suitor in Starfield, it is recommended that the player make them an active travel companion. Players conversing with Barrett should aim for the more humorous comments since he finds arrogance off-putting. Players should select the “[Flirt]” dialogue options as they come to let him get to know the captain better and warm up to him.

Starfield - Romance Barrett Quest

Barrett is the kind to be impressed by morally upright behavior, therefore if you want to start a relationship with him, it’s best to avoid things like pickpocketing, stealing, and other forms of dishonesty. Helping others out or declining rewards when you have the chance are examples of acts of kindness. When Barrett approves of a course of action, he will signal his approval with a visual indicator on the heads-up display.

How to Marry Barrett

Once “Breach of Contract” has been resolved, the “Talk to Barrett” task will become available again. Former Ervin longings will be discussed, as will current Ervin’s desire to spend all of his time with you. The [COMMITMENT] conversation branch allows you to propose to Barrett formally.

This will initiate the “Commitment: Barrett” quest, which charges you with asking VASCO to officiate the wedding. VASCO will immediately accept and inquire if you wish to hold the wedding immediately or at the Lodge. You should go through with marrying Barrett in any case.

Getting married isn’t just for roleplaying purposes; it also unlocks the Emotional Security boost, which provides a temporary increase of 15% to experience gained when sleeping. That’ll come in handy while you’re leveling up quickly in Starfield to unlock more skills and craft a powerful build.

Breach of Contract Quest

Barrett will start talking about his late husband Ervin if the affinity level is high enough. He will be cautious at first to talk about what happened to Ervin, so players should step gently when addressing the matter and select for the softest emotional responses to his discourse. The “Breach Of Contract” task will become available if trust has been established, and it will ask players to assist Barrett in investigating his late husband’s suspected wrongdoings.

If players are interested in starting a love relationship with Barrett, they will need to make some financial donations toward this goal. After that, players will go to Gagarin with Barrett in pursuit of Ervin’s exoneration. It is possible to testify without gathering all of the information, but doing so would not do justice to the player’s commitment to Barrett.

Starfield - Romance Barrett Quest

Additionally, choosing Doctor Kaela in the next prompt is the finest potential outcome and will earn over the most favor with Barrett. After the task is over and Ervin’s reputation has been restored, the player will have the chance to communicate their goals to Barrett. Since she’ll likely accept his advances, the player can look forward to a bright future with Barrett as her husband.


How do you get Barrett’s power Starfield?

After having a conversation with Barrett, you will find out that he is eager to get his own set of abilities, and he will then provide you with the coordinates to Temple Sigma. Proceed there and unlock the power in the same manner as before.

Should I romance Barrett Starfield?

If you have feelings for Barrett beyond simple liking, you should keep picking the “[Flirt]” option. Barrett may not be feeling you right now, but he will come to respect you and see you as a viable method to heal from his broken relationship with Ervin.

Can you marry Barrett in Starfield?

In order to win Barrett’s heart, you must spend time with him, learn about his background, and increase his affinity. If you can raise his affinity high enough, you can help him realize his romantic and marital goals.

How do you get all 24 powers in Starfield?

Starfield’s Artifacts are the keys to your Powers. Returning an Artifact to the Lodge triggers a quest to explore the Temple associated with that Artifact. Visit the Temple and play the minigame inside to acquire a new Ability.

Should you marry Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

If you marry Sarah, you will gain the Emotional Security bonus, which will increase your experience gain and speed up the process of reaching the next level. In this walkthrough, we will detail the entire romance with Sarah Morgan in Starfield.