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Dave The Diver: How to Get Atlantic Bonito


Underwater adventure and restaurant management sims create Dave the Diver, a great game. Dave the Diver works hard researching the Blue Hole in the sea and serving sushi in the nights. Dave the Diver requires players to catch a little Atlantic Bonito to get its Marinca card. However, the Atlantic Bonito can be difficult to find, which may frustrate admirers. Here’s how to obtain atlantic bonito in Dave the Diver:

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Where to find Atlantic Bonito

In Dave the Diver, the Atlantic Bonito can be found in the Blue Hole during the daytime at depths that are in the middle of the blue hole. That’s anything from 50 to 130 meters down below the surface. To reach this depth and explore it safely, you’ll need to upgrade both your suit and your oxygen tank. However, if you have a lot of luck, it’s feasible that you could do it with only a few upgrades.

To be more specific, the Atlantic Bonito will typically reproduce close to where the Tiger Shark is located. If you are unfamiliar with the Tiger Shark, it is the enormous, striped shark that may be seen in the Blue Hole at depths ranging from about 90 to 120 meters. You can’t avoid it, especially when you consider that two or three hits from it will result in ‘Game Over’.

Dave The Diver: How to Get Atlantic Bonito

The Atlantic Bonito seems to be a rare spawn overall, as the fish moves in small groups of only two to three individuals at any given time. At a depth of about 90 meters, I was able to catch my very first Atlantic bonito.

Be careful not to confuse this fish with the Atlantic Mackerel, as the Bonito will be smaller and of a lesser rank than the Mackerel. This fish’s appearance is quite similar to that of the Atlantic Mackerel. Look at the difference between these two fish down below!

Dave The Diver: How to Get Atlantic Bonito

Atlantic Bonito Location

Players seeking Atlantic Bonito should target the Shipwreck. Fans will be familiar with the Shipwreck from Duff’s Pink Delivery and other missions, although it’s located near the left side of the map at a depth of 100m.

Players should look for Striped Red Mullets at the Shipwreck. This fish is recommended since its color is simple to observe and confirms Atlantic Bonito spawning. One of Dave the Diver’s Tiger Sharks near the Shipwreck suggests Atlantic Bonitos are around, so players should be cautious when searching.

Dave The Diver: How to Get Atlantic Bonito

Striped Red Mullets near the Shipwreck might lead players to Atlantic Bonitos, thin silver fish that migrate in groups of two or three. The Mullets and Bonitos may take many in-game days to materialize by the Shipwreck, so don’t anticipate them on every dive. While patience and determination will eventually lead to an Atlantic Bonito, players need have a Tranq or Net Gun on standby to catch a 3-Star variant.

Finally, the Atlantic Bonito resembles the Atlantic Mackerel, another little fish in Dave the Diver that lives in the 50-130m area. Bonito and Mackerel are so similar that a player may pass one thinking it was the latter. Fans should grab every slim silver fish around the Shipwreck if they have confirmed Striped Red Mullets to avoid the situation.

How To Catch The Atlantic Bonito

Fortunately, these fish are not particularly challenging to reel in. Since they are so uncommon, finding one is the only real challenge. If you have a harpoon gun, catching fish is a breeze. However, that won’t give Bancho’s Sushi the highest quality fish meat imaginable. There are alternative techniques to catch Atlantic Bonito to preserve the flesh.

Dave The Diver: How to Get Atlantic Bonito

There are several methods that can be used. A three-star catch can be earned by using the Net Gun to catch an Atlantic Bonito without killing it. You can get a 3-star catch and put the fish to sleep using a Hush Dart.


What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

The Red Sniper Rifle is the best option available from a purely statistical standpoint. This beast has the highest damage output of any firearm (32 per shot), a range of 20 meters, and a magazine capacity of three bullets.

What is shovel for Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver features a shovel as a fighting weapon. Like many weapons discovered in the Blue Hole, it is a one-use only item that cannot be kept for future expeditions. Making something is also out of the question.

How deep is the blue hole in Dave the Diver?

The depths of the Blue Hole range from 130 meters to 250 meters, and the aforementioned species are able to be found anywhere within that range.

How do you get 3 star fish in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver requires players to catch fish without harming them in order to get three stars. Using a Net Gun or tranquilizer weapon to render the fish immobile makes this task much simpler. Sharks and other large fish, however, are too big to be caught in this manner.