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Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan


Chapter 6 focuses on Isaac and Dr. Elizabeth Cross’ efforts to contain the hazardous air around the USG Ishimura. Isaac would inject Wheezer necromorphs with a unique enzyme so that it would affect the source as well. Since this plan has already been thwarted, Isaac will have to face off against the massive hunk of meat known as “The Leviathan” alone. Learn from this piece on how to take on and defeat Leviathan in the Dead Space 2 remake.

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How to Prepare for the Fight

The location of the Leviathan will be in Food Storage, which is not too far away from where the map starts in Hydroponics. You will find a Save Station and a Store Kiosk in this location. Be sure to gather all of the ammunition and first aid kits you could require for the next battle.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan

After that, you will need to proceed to the Food Storage area and start the airlock in order to make an attempt at launching the Leviathan into space. After some discussion, Isaac will propose to Elizabeth that he take on the monster by himself, which Elizabeth would find completely insane.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan

How to Beat Leviathan

In both the original and the remake, the Leviathan appears at the end of Chapter 6 and must be defeated by floating in zero gravity or by jumping from surface to surface, respectively.

Before you get near the Leviathan, it’s best to aim and use Stasis to transport containers and floating resources to you. Stasis can also be used to move the red canisters closer to you, making them more accessible in the heat of battle.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan

When you are close enough, the Leviathan will awaken, and its screaming will warn you that one of its tentacles is about to strike. When this scream ends, press R3 to use a boost and run away from harm. Wait until one of the Leviathan’s tentacles attacks, and then do damage to the glowing sacs on that tentacle to begin defeating the boss.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan

You can use your Plasma Cutter or Contact Beam at a distance to harm the sac, or you can use Kinesis to pick up the red canisters that are floating around the chamber and throw them.When the Leviathan’s tentacles take enough damage, they’ll retract and the creature’s central mouth will open, firing projectiles at Isaac.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan

When this mouth is open, it is best to assault with your most powerful long-range weaponry. For this purpose, the Contact Beam is superb. When the Leviathan’s mouth is severely damaged in the remake, gas is released and the tentacles return to assault. Tentacles will also make a comeback, despite the fact that there is no gas in the original.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat Leviathan

When the light sacs on the tentacles appear, you must switch between harming the mouth and the sacs to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space. Now that the Leviathan is dead, you may finish Chapter 6 and get back to Hydroponics.


What is the best weapon against Leviathan in Dead Space?

Catch the huge chunks of flesh it hurls at you and throw them back in its face using your kinesis. Using kinesis, you could throw rocks back at him. If you’re only utilizing the plasma cutter, you’ll need to fire a lot of shots. Throw those exploding canisters at your face and see what happens.

What weapons are good against Leviathan?

Due to her massive size, the Leviathan is easily defeated by the Sea’s Searing. Being a legendary weapon, however, makes it elusive. When loaded with Chlorophyte Bullets, the Tactical Shotgun becomes a lethal weapon. When used properly, the Marksman Bow may inflict significant damage on bosses.

How do you unlock the secret ending in Dead Space?

After beating the game on any difficulty, you can unlock New Game + and start over. In the New Game Plus mode, Isaac must find 12 marker pieces scattered across the different worlds. There are secret hiding places throughout the Ishimura for each of these pieces.

Are there cheats in Dead Space?

If you’re having trouble with Dead Space and want some shortcuts, you’re in luck since there are still lots of cheat codes you can use. The original game had cheat codes that can be entered to restore your oxygen and credit supply, among other things.