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Alan Wake 2: How to Get Hunting Rifle


You can never have too many weapons when fighting the Taken in Alan Wake 2, and Saga’s hunting rifle is easy to overlook as you look for Tor in the Wellness Center of the Valhalla Nursing Home. To obtain the Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2, the player must first find a damaged door knob and then enter the password for the security computer. How to Obtain the Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2 is explained in this article.

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Hunting Rifle Location

The Wellness Center Workshop is where you can find Saga’s hunting rifle. Blum’s Private Workroom is another name for this place. After Tor has escaped, proceed down the L-shaped path through the far left door in the main hall until you reach the doors to the Workshop and Security Room.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get Hunting Rifle

The door to the Workshop at the Wellness Center is both electrically locked and knob-less. Therefore, you’ll need to resolve both issues before you can steal Blum’s hunting weapon.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get Hunting Rifle

How to Get Wellness Center Security Computer Password

The Wellness Center’s Hunting Rifle can be found at the Center’s Workshop. In Return, Chapter 5: Old Gods Mission, you will learn how to get there while searching for Tor in the Wellness Center. The door to the workshop, however, is secured by an electric lock. The computer in the security room close to the workshop is where the lock is unlocked.

In order to unlock the door, you must enter the password into the security computer. Inside the room, you’ll find a number of notes that Blum penned on the day following the August New Moon. Looking at the calendar on the wall, you can see that the New Moon will occur on the 16th of August 2023, making the 17th of August the day that Blum was referring to.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get Hunting Rifle

Here’s the key you’ve been seeking: the computer’s unlocking password. The British date format for August 17, 2003 is 17/08/2003. Entering the code 17082003 will unlock the door.

Where to Find the Workshop Doorknob

The Workshop’s door handle can be found on the Wellness Center’s front desk. You need just grab the doorknob after the security computer has unlocked the door. Proceed to the lobby entrance. Step through the adjacent sliding doors to reach the Staff Lounge. Turn right at once and enter the cheery room housing the front desk. Under the desk in front of you is a cardboard box labeled “Sun Bananas.” Check the crate out, pull out the knob, and use it.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get Hunting Rifle

Turn the knob to enter the Workshop, and the hunting rifle will be waiting for you in the blue cabinet. Because it takes up four slots, I had to get rid of some extra bullets and bandages when I obtained the hunting rifle. I had no idea there was a break room at the Wellness Center at the time. The Shoebox is located in the Dispensary, so you can drop off any surplus items there. Avoid my mistake and use them wisely.


How do you get the shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

The shotgun was left at the scene of the crime at a general shop that had been abandoned. You’ll get a glimpse of the structure in Chapter 1, but won’t have much access to it until Chapter 2. When you get there, it’ll be dark, so make sure to bring a flashlight.

How do you get the rifle in Alan Wake 2?

A cardboard box at the base of the front desk conceals the door’s handle. Find the handle, then go back to Blum’s room and use it to unlock the door. A hunting rifle and other supplies helpful to your quest can be found in a cabinet at the room’s entrance.

Does Alan Wake have monsters?

Players and gamers take on the roles of Alan Wake and Saga Anderson throughout the adventure, using a range of guns and the game’s trademark item, a flashlight, to fend off creatures by shining it in their eyes.

Is Alan Wake 2 a horror game?

Here we are, 13 years later, with Alan Wake 2, where the author’s journey continues. In contrast to the original game, which was more of a supernatural action-thriller, Remedy has gone all out for the sequel, making it a survival horror with a heavy focus on the ‘horror’ part.