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Dead Space Remake – How to Unlock Impossible Mode


With the release of the new Dead Space remake, Dead Space is finally receiving the series revival it has long deserved. Dead Space’s original gameplay and fundamental atmosphere were retained in the highly praised remake, which was praised for its graphics. Similar to contemporary games, the remake offers multiple levels of difficulty, spanning from Story to Hard. You can learn how to access Dead Space Remake’s impossible mode by reading this article:

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What is Impossible Mode in Dead Space Remake?

The hardest difficulty setting in Dead Space is called Impossible Mode, and it’s definitely not for the weak of heart. Even though the game has new game plus features, Impossible Mode will provide you with a difficult task because resources are much more scarce and adversaries hit much harder. All you have to do in Dead Space is complete the game on any difficulty, even Easy, to unlock Impossible Mode.

This implies that the next time you launch the game for the first time, you’ll have the option to choose Impossible Mode after finishing your initial gameplay on Easy, Medium, or Hard. Having said that, in order to gauge the difficulty, we advise playing the game on at least hard initially. The Necromorphs will be more skilled at evading your shots when in Impossible Mode, and item drops from defeated foes are not always guaranteed.

You will usually have to play more cautiously because the resources and ammunition you gain from eliminating enemies won’t be sufficient to assist you defeat the next wave of opponents. Furthermore, Credits will be hard to come by and Isaac will sustain more damage than normal.

How to Unlock Impossible Mode

You must first finish the game in order to access the Dead Space remake’s Impossible Mode. Even though it might be much harder, you can still unlock it by playing through it on the easiest setting.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock Impossible Mode

Using the last suit you used in the previous playthrough, you begin Impossible Mode. Just be sure to start the new game as soon as the previous one is over to avoid being forced to utilize a subpar suit from a rerun that you are currently in the middle of.

What Rewards does Completing the Impossible Mode Unlock?

The Dead Space remake’s Impossible mode will award two crucial things in addition to bragging rights and the “Untouchable” accolade.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock Impossible Mode

The Burnished outfit, which is nearly identical to Isaac’s regular outfit but for a distinctive color scheme, is the first item players will find. The outfit has a distinct and somber appearance due to its dull gray tint and crimson visor, which contrasts with its original blue tone.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock Impossible Mode

The Hand Cannon, a massive red foam finger, is the other equipment that may be unlocked. Despite having no sight and Isaac crying out amusing sound effects with each shot, this weapon provides absurdly high damage.


Can you save in impossible mode Dead Space remake?

With one exception—you have to manually save in order to record progress—Impossible mode in the Dead Space reboot has enemies that are just as difficult as Hard.

How many times can you save in impossible mode Dead Space remake?

In Impossible mode, players are limited to a single save space and cannot access checkpoints, which prohibits them from going back to earlier saves.

What is the hardest achievement in Dead Space remake?

Untouchable. Without a doubt, completing this goal is the hardest in the entire game. Dead Space must be defeated in Impossible mode. You can only access this difficulty level once you’ve defeated the game on Hard. The adversary difficulty in Impossible mode is at the “Hard difficulty” level.

Does Dead Space remake have multiple endings?

To unlock the alternate ending in Dead Space Remake, the player must finish the game at least twice. It is not necessary to anticipate any issue.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Space remake?

There are several amazing weapons in the Dead Space Remake, such as the iconic Pulse Rifle and the trademark Plasma Cutter, but the Read Foam Finger Hand Cannon is the most unusual and covert weapon. This weapon is a red foam finger that deals amazing damage even though it’s a joke weapon.