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Dead Space Remake – How to Unlock the Deluxe Edition Suits


The Dead Space Remake is now available! It’s safe to state that this game is a success given the positive reviews and contented players. Players will acquire the DS-08 Legacy Rig, the Lone Survivor Suit, the Infested Suit, the Venture Suit, the Bloody Suit, and the Sanctified Suit by purchasing this special game version. The first four are brand-new models that drastically change Isaac’s look. You can read this post to find out how to get the Dead Space remake’s Deluxe Edition Suits:

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How to Unlock the Deluxe Edition Suits

Of course, those who made the extra cash to get the Dead Space Deluxe or Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade DLC for the remake are probably curious about how they may begin dressing up the main character in various outfits. Since outfits can only be exchanged at the in-game stores Isaac comes across while exploring the Ishimura, and patience is unfortunately required.

Naturally, it will take longer for players who want to savor the ambience or explore every inch of the game to get to the part where Isaac finds the first store. To activate and open the shop, players must locate the store terminal, step up the interface, and confirm with their controller or keyboard.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock the Deluxe Edition Suits

Players of Dead Space Remake then have to pick the Deluxe Edition Suits by navigating to the Storage page. Select your desired costume and wait for Isaac to complete the transformation inside the futuristic wardrobe-like apparatus to transition into one of the outfits. Sadly, the suits have no gameplay benefits—they are merely for display.

Where to Find the Deluxe Edition Suits

The Deluxe Edition suits are available through The Store on the USG Ishimura, where there are kiosks positioned throughout each of the game’s twelve chapters. Stores serve as places to purchase and sell goods as well as store some of your inventory items for later use.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock the Deluxe Edition Suits

How to Equip Deluxe Edition Suits

The Store’s Storage tab is where you may find the suits. To locate the suits you got when you bought the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition, just go to “Storage.” By selecting “Equip,” you can outfit your preferred suit. A little cinematic will show you how Isaac’s suit is changed, and the main character will come out looking rather cute in new underwear.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock the Deluxe Edition Suits

Just choose “Unequip” if you’d like test a new outfit or would rather unequip your present one in order to use the base game suit.

Dead Space Remake - How to Unlock the Deluxe Edition Suits


How do you access the DLC suits in Dead Space?

You must choose it in person at a store. Fortunately, it won’t cost you anything. They refer to an in-game shop.

Why are my suits not showing up in Dead Space?

Simply take off the skin-colored outfit you are wearing. I’ve figured out how to get it back: just pick the same outfit again from the kiosk and you’ll be able to re-equip the level 6 suit.

Can you go back to older suits in Dead Space remake?

Players Can Now Access Past Outfit Levels With The Dead Space Remake Update. Dead Space remake users can switch their Miner RIG customisation to previously achieved levels by enabling an option through EA Motive.

How do you unlock suits in Dead Space remake?

The majority of these suits can only be obtained by purchasing the Deluxe Edition or by signing up for EA Play Pro, while Isaac’s regular suit upgrades can only be acquired by finding schematics that need to be found in the surrounding area.

How do you unlock Level 6 suit in Dead Space remake?

The real way to obtain Isaac’s last suit upgrade doesn’t even involve you looking for schematics. Playing the entire game is all that is required to unlock it.

What is the Burnished Suit in Dead Space Remake?

In Dead Space (2023), Isaac Clarke can don an outfit called the Burnished outfit. It and the Hand Cannon are awarded when Impossible mode is finished. With its dark grey/platinum metal exterior and red visor, it mimics the design of the Intermediate Engineer RIG.