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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Get Cup of Cordiality


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a harsh action game where errors are not tolerated. The player can call allies to join them on each Battlefield to aid them in completing this challenge. These reliable allies raise your Oath Level and give you a boost when you bestow Cups of Cordiality upon them. You will learn how to obtain the Cup of Cordiality under the long-gone dynasty by reading this article:

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What are Cups of Cordiality for?

You can raise the Oath Level of your reliable allies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty by using the enigmatic Cups of Cordiality. You might wonder, why bother. Your companions will achieve unprecedented heights of performance at Oath Level five, and they will also get a second Warrior Effect.

Folks, that’s not all! Your ally will pledge an unbreakable relationship as your sworn brother at Oath Level 10, along with giving you a copy of their best armor and weapons. It is well worth the effort to strengthen your buddies because this treasure trove is worth far more than its weight in gold.

Where to Find Cups of Cordiality

Throughout the course of the narrative, you can find the Cups of Cordiality in chests on Battlefields and by raising your Fame Point total in the Titles menu. You will be able to obtain more Cups of Cordiality from these chests every time you visit the Battlefield because the majority of them are static. It is known that the battlegrounds listed below have Cups of Cordiality:

  • Part Four, Main Battlefield: The Battle Of Hulaoguan Pass
  • Part Five, Sub Battlefield: The Uninhibited Heart
  • Part Five, Main Battlefield: Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men
  • Part Six, Main Battlefield: Decisive Battle of Guandu

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get Cup of Cordiality

The shortest battlefield that can be started and finished fast if your goal is to farm multiple Cups of Cordiality is the Uninhibited Heart Sub battlefield.

How to Get Cups of Cordiality

You can obtain the enigmatic Cups of Cordiality if you know where to look. over the narrative, these sought-after vessels can be found in chests scattered over different Battlefields. You can return to these chests frequently to restock on Cups because they are stationary.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get Cup of Cordiality

But there’s still more! In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can also obtain Cups of Cordiality by accruing Fame Points through the Titles menu. It’s like getting paid for your fame—how awesome is that? And the Uninhibited Heart sub-Battlefield is the ideal place to rapidly gather a few Cups if you’re in a hurry to stockpile. Now get ready, my buddies, and let’s start the treasure search!


Who is the final boss in Wu Long Fallen Dynasty?

The last boss of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Decisive Battle of Guandu level and the game’s ultimate boss overall is Blindfolded Boy. Having just escaped the battle you just finished, the Taoist in Black now combines with the Xielong monster on a building’s rooftop in one last attempt to murder you.

What is the best class in Wu Long Fallen Dynasty?

The Wood Phase is the greatest class in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty because of its balanced characteristics, making it ideal for new players.

Who is the first boss in Wu Long Fallen Dynasty?

The lone boss battle in the Village of Calamity level and the first boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Zhang Liang, General of Man.

What is the best weapon for the first boss in wo long?

One very powerful approach to defeat Wo Long’s first boss, Zhang Liang, is with the Polearm Podao. This is because it occasionally has the ability to breach his defenses in order to do a little additional harm. It may also effectively target enemy groupings with its broad, sweeping strikes.

What is the best early game gear in Wo Long?

When used by a skilled Wo Long player, dual swords may be quite effective. The Chivalrous Swordsman dual swords are among the greatest that you can find early in the game. To be honest, the attack speed of the Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords seems a little off right now.

What is the new game difficulty in Wo Long?

You must first finish the game on the normal Crouching Dragon difficulty in order to be able to choose and play on Rising Dragon difficulty in Wo Long. This implies that in each of the game’s seven sections, you must finish at least the majority of the primary combat objectives.