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Deliver Us Mars – Ending Explained


Anyone who plays Deliver Us Mars will have an exciting time experiencing the game’s emotional roller coaster plot. Deliver Us Mars’s world-building is one of its best qualities. The game may not have as much action as other modern games, but its captivating plot keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat. Deliver Us Mars has an open conclusion that is up to interpretation, just like its predecessor. You will learn more about the conclusion of Deliver Us Mars in this article:

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Ending in Deliver Us Mars

As far as we know, Kathy Johanson, the youngest astronaut on Earth, is headed to retrieve the stolen Ark colony ships in order to use them to secure the future of humanity. When Kathy eventually gains entrance to the Ark, there is a scene in which she speaks with her father, Isaac, via the door.

Deliver Us Mars - Ending Explained

This scenario is strikingly similar to the one where Isaac is trying to drag little Kathy with him. But Kathy has made the decision to board the Ark and travel to Earth this time. Seeing that he cannot abandon his daughter a second time, Isaac makes the rash decision to go with Kathy and abandon the Mars colonization.

He mulls over his choice and is aware that, should he arrive on Earth, he would probably be imprisoned and the Ark will be sold to the highest bidder rather than being utilized for the benefit of all people. This is also the second time, akin to Deliver Us Moon, that Isaac abandons an entire settlement.

How to Subtle Shade From Dad

In Chapter Nine, Kat and Isaac go through the self-sustaining dome that houses the survivors of Outward when she eventually discovers Isaac alive at the Unison colony. Although there aren’t many collectibles to locate, it offers a rewarding glimpse into the colonists’ way of life and is the most open location in the entire game.

Deliver Us Mars - Ending Explained

Isaac will stop chatting to you and wait for you to come back if you stray from him too much. He remarks that Kat still has her curiosity when you do this for the first time. He’s obviously taking that as a backhanded compliment, and if you keep going and coming back, he’ll have to pretend that he’s not annoyed that Kat doesn’t seem to be listening to him.


What is the full plot of Deliver Us Mars?

Humanity is more in danger of going extinct than it was ten years after the Fortuna mission. Join the Zephyr and its crew as they travel to Mars in response to an enigmatic distress call from the planet, where they attempt to retrieve the ARK colony ships that the mysterious Outward stole, and in doing so, assure the survival of the human species.

Who is the main character in Deliver Us Mars?

Although Kat, the main character, isn’t the worst, she comes across as a foolish and self-centered girl who destroys a toy that her father has just given her, and this behavior ultimately drives a significant portion of the story.

Who is the voice of the dad in Deliver Us Mars?

Kathy Johanson, the youngest astronaut on Earth, is portrayed by Ellise Chappell, while Neil Newbon plays her father, Isaac Johanson. The narrative follows Kathy on her mission to retrieve stolen ARK colony ships from Mars.

How many chapters are in Deliver Us Mars?

The game Deliver Us Mars is divided between a prologue and nine chapters, each of which has rewards for players to complete and objects to discover. The game is also full of puzzles, some of which will probably leave players scratching their heads.

How do you jump on the ice wall in Deliver Us Mars?

There’s an ice wall to climb at the end of the tunnels. Reach the summit, then release your pickaxes and press the jump button to leap to the wall on the other side.