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Hi-Fi Rush – Equipping Special Attacks Guide


Recently released third-person action game Hi-Fi Rush features some of the greatest special attacks players can employ in battle. The game’s primary character, Chai, will be given a cybernetic arm that will let him to execute a variety of lethal combos and special strikes. In the game, players can unleash a wide variety of combos, including ally summons, heavy and light strikes, and more. You can learn how to equip special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush by reading this article:

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How to Equip Special Attacks

Players will be able to buy and swap out new Special Attacks after they initially arrive at Peppermint’s Shop.

Hi-Fi Rush - Equipping Special Attacks Guide

To access the Equip menu, navigate to the ‘Special Attacks’ tab in the Shop and press ‘Left Trigger’ on an Xbox or ‘Shift’ on a PC. Once there, players should be able to see every Special Attack they have purchased—or, if none have been purchased yet, none at all.

Hi-Fi Rush - Equipping Special Attacks Guide

Just select one, and it will hover above the Special Attack slot that is occupied, alerting them to the fact that it will take the place of whatever is there.  Remember that Chai’s Reverb Bar, which he can acquire more of in-game, is needed to trigger a different amount for each Special Attack.

Hi-Fi Rush - Equipping Special Attacks Guide

How to Practice Special Attacks 

Proceed straight ahead and you will come upon a big gate that you may open to enter an additional plant that produces batteries. There will be a conveyor belt there; to get to the other side, you must hop on it and press a certain button. Continue straight until you come upon an electrical device.

You’ll be able to reactivate the power after striking the electric gadget. To restore power and advance farther in the game, press the buttons in accordance with the instructions. You will then be allowed to enter the newly constructed portion of the factory.

Hi-Fi Rush - Equipping Special Attacks Guide

Following the trail straight will bring you face to face with a large robot that you must destroy. You will have to exit the production factory and get outdoors after beating it. You can practice your special attacks on the additional robots located outside the QA center.

The QA center will open after the robots have been defeated and warmed up. Entering the QA center will allow you to face the game’s first boss. We name the boss QA-1 MIL. You will be able to use all of your special attacks, master them, and defeat the first stage of Hi-Fi Rush during this boss battle.

What are the Differences Between Special Attacks?

However, why would players even choose to switch around their Special Attacks? Wouldn’t there be essentially no difference between them other from raw damage if their sole purpose was to deal harm to opponents in front of Chai right away?

Hi-Fi Rush - Equipping Special Attacks Guide

Generally speaking, sure, but Hi-Fi Rush is highly inventive, and several Special Attacks have distinct functions (which are mentioned in the Special Attack’s “Action Type” description). For instance, some Special Attacks are particularly good at:

  • Removing Chai’s weak opponents from the way.
  • Launching opponents into the air to create air combos.
  • Constructing a holographic replica of Chai to divert adversaries.
  • Creating a wall that keeps Chai from being attacked.
  • ‘Picking up’ any enemies Chai encounters while circling the field and dealing constant damage.

And those are only a handful of the numerous roles. Chai will be able to use an increasing number of Special Attacks as he goes through his journey and meets more allies.


How do you overkill enemies in Hi-Fi Rush?

By using a “Jam Combo” to defeat an opponent, one can obtain an Overkill. Instead of using X or Y on the last combo beat, a jam combo is accomplished by landing a beat hit (ending a combo) with RT (call in partner). Under the ‘attacks’ menu in the store, your partners can find this skill.

What is Chai’s weapon in Hi-Fi Rush?

Chai’s guitar, which serves as his primary tool throughout Hi-Fi Rush, is a facsimile of an Epiphone brand guitar. Though it looks haphazard, the waste grabber and magnetic powers of his robot arm combine to create a powerful weapon.

Who is the main villain in Hi-Fi Rush?

As the designated CEO of Vandelay Technologies and the game’s ultimate boss, Kale Vandelay serves as the primary adversary of Hi-Fi Rush.

Does Hi-Fi Rush have swearing?

Hi-Fi Rush talks about family, being unique, and succeeding in a corporate setting. Though they are few and far between, the only expletives I can recall from my playing days are hell and ass.