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Destiny 2 – Tips You Need To Complete All The Forges


Destiny 2: Black Armory expansion introduces a brand new endgame activity, named with a horde mode which will lead the hardiest guardians to the best loot in the game.

In Black Armory, you won’t find a bundle of content at the time, instead, you have to through the Forges to gain new Black Armory weapons and armor.

Definitely, you will need some hard works for that, but here, I will give you some tips you need to complete all the Forges and gain new gears in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Complete The Quest

Yes, you obviously have to complete the quest to gain access to Forges. To do so, you can pick up a quest from Ada-1 in the Tower which will lead you on a long hunt for materials and components.

Make sure you read through our Machine Gun Frame Quest guide to help you walk through every step and complete it quickly.

How To Complete All The Forges?

Once you have completed the quest, you will gain access to the first of four main Forges in Black Armory, the Volundr Forge. Each Forge in Black Armory comes with a different appearance, enemies, and loot. However, you will through the same process to complete them.

Next, you will need to be at least above 600 Power Level, ideally at around 610. The first wave of enemies clock in at around 615 Power, which then increases to 620 on wave two, followed by a 630 boss. If you’re at a much lower Power Level than 610, it will make your enemies become immune to damage.

Tips To Complete All The Forges

As I mentioned above, you will through the same process to complete all the Forges in Black Armory. So, here are some tips you need to know to complete them:

  • There are three increasingly difficult waves with each are timed, and the third wave is a boss round.
  • You will need to survive against hordes of enemies.
  • The glowing enemies will drop the Radiant Batteries, so once they spawn, pick them up and chuck them into the glowing forge in the middle.

  • By killing glowing enemies, you will earn precious seconds to the timer. The harder the enemy, the more time you will earn.
  • Throw 20 Radiant Batteries into the forge successfully and you will complete a wave. Make sure you focus on the glowing section because if you hit the beams on the side, the Radiant Battery will bounce off.
  • Remember that this activity is timed, so you have to grab these batteries as fast as possible.
  • On the boss wave, you will notice that the boss will be immune to damage. You need to eliminate the small drones circling it to destroy the shield. Once you have destroyed the shield, activate Supers and defeat it with everything you’ve got.
  • Defeat the boss will spawn a chest in the center of the arena, crack it open to collect your reward.

There you go, all the tips you need to know to complete all the Forges in Black Armory. Now, are you ready to start your adventure?

Destiny 2: Black Armory is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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