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Dredge – How to Get Abyssal Rod


Unlike any other rods, nets, or pots in the game, the Dredge Abyssal and Hadal fishing rods cannot be initially unlocked with Research Parts. You can use Research Parts from the start of Dredge to gradually unlock fishing rods for other categories, such as Coastal or Shallow, but you can only acquire Abyssal and Hadal fishing gear if you’ve finished a portion of a Pursuit. This post will walk you through how to obtain an abyssal rod in a dredge:

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How to Get Abyssal Rod

In the game Dredge, you must finish a few tasks for the researcher at the Old Fortress island in square D5 of the northwest Stellar Basin to capture abyssal fish.

Dredge - How to Get Abyssal Rod

The researcher wants you to catch three fish: firefly squid, glowing octopus, and aurora jellyfish. Fortunately, you can find them all close by:

  • Aurora Jellyfish: This coastal fish is only catchable in Stellar Basin with a trawling net at night. Place your net close to the Old Fortress and cruise around briefly to catch one. If you don’t already have the net, you can add the net space enhancement to your boat at the Dry Dock to make it available for purchase.
  • Glowing Octopus: At a fishing location close to the Stellar Basin’s center, you can capture this Shallow fish using a rod; you can easily identify it because you can see the glowing octopuses below the surface.
  • Firefly Squid: Trawling with a net in the area south of Stellar Basin, close to the floating platform of the traveling merchant, is the most straightforward method of capturing this coastal fish.

After obtaining all three fish, return to the Researcher. She’ll give you another assignment: going to a nearby research outpost and getting some prototype parts.

Dredge - How to Get Abyssal Rod

This floating platform is located in Stellar Basin’s square G4. Look for the pieces in the Laboratory and bring them back to her. She will reward you with the Sampling Device, which you may install in your rod slots and use to capture colossal fish.

How to Unlock Hadal Fishing Catches

You must first acquire Abyssal fishing in order to catch fish from the Hades fishing category in Dredge. You should now be able to unlock the Bottomless Lines in the Research section after completing this step. To obtain the Bottomless Lines, which let you capture both Hadal and Abyssal fish, you will need one Research Part.

Dredge - How to Get Abyssal Rod

Research Pieces can be discovered via dredging specific areas of the ocean, finishing specific missions, and discovering intriguing places beneath the seas, such as abandoned ships. As you work to recover the Ring relic, you’ll also get a Research Part. This is fantastic because obtaining this relic requires a pole capable of catching hadal fish!

Dredge - How to Get Abyssal Rod

You can use three Research Parts to purchase the Fathomless Winch if you’ve unlocked the Bottomless Lines rod. Abyssal, Hadal, and oceanic fish can be caught with this rod.

Dredge - How to Get Abyssal Rod

I wish you luck in capturing Hadal and Abyssal fish!


How do you catch a giant amphipod in a Dredge?

Hadal Fishing is necessary to locate the Giant Amphipod, which may be located at F4 close to the Stellar Basin’s center. Before attempting to fish in this location, make sure you activate the Repulsion Machine.

What order do you dredge fish in?

Sprinkle a small amount of salt and black pepper on each side. For the coatings, set up three dredging stations (plates, pie plates, or shallow basins). To the first, add the flour. To the second, add the beaten eggs; to the third, add the breadcrumbs and Parmesan.

What is the rarest fish in Dredge?

Because it is the most prized fish in Dredge, the gazing shark is extremely rare. This spiny variant of the Hammerhead Shark inhabits the same prong-shaped area as the Hammerhead and can be found in the outer waters outside of Stellar Basin.

Who should I give the dog to in Dredge?

Dog is exactly what its description says it is: a stray. It can be located outside the dilapidated remnants of a vacation cabin in Stellar Basin. Alternatively, you may give it to the researcher. Her portrait will be altered to include the dog if it is presented to her.

How many endings does Dredge have?

In Dredge, players can choose between the conventional “bad” ending and a secret “good” ending that provides some additional background on the story’s events. The hidden ending is obtained via finding an elusive NPC, while the first ending is discovered as players typically progress through the narrative.