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Dubi Katz and 2130 Labs are here to help You


Dov Katz is the founder of 2130 labs. He is married with three children and another one on the way and resides in Ramat Hasharon. Dov has a few other hobbies other than being the CEO of his company. He enjoys football, video games, sports, and spending time with his family.

We interviewed Dov to get a feel for him and understand where he comes from and how he sees his company moving forward.

So, how did Dubi Katz start his career for then to become the founder of his company 2130 Labs?

During his academic career, he focused on artificial vision and artificial intelligence for robotics. He created a new field called Interactive Perception, in which robots learn about their environment through trial and error as though they were children.

The robot learns how to operate with objects by playing with them. Later, he applied this technology to a US Army effort to create a robot that can clean mounds of things after a terrorist attack or an earthquake. You may see his footage of his robot in action as well as publications that he has written about. All his experience led him to build a company of his own.

What is 2130 Labs all about and what do they provide?

Today Dubi Katz is leading the company as we have already described above. The 2130 Labs deal with creating mental health treatments and solutions through herbal based therapy. The treatment is to help people who suffer from anxiety, sleeping problems, insomnia, depression, obesity, low energy, and people with a lack of concentration and so much more. Of course, the potential impact for the good of the company is huge. In the United States alone, there are 80 million people who suffer from sleeping problems and large numbers of people with depression, anxiety, etc.
There are many effective solutions for the medicinal side of the business with little to no science or technology studies. This is where Dov Katz and 2130 Labs come in; “We want to concentrate on the scientific and technology aspects of the business and assist individuals in this way”, said Dov. He then added: “By doing so, we provide a solution to a problem that no one else does, as well as a customised product that is tailored to each individual, thanks to the use of robotics and AI, as well as an understanding of the human body’s complexity, the problem that the individual is experiencing, and how we can combine natural chemical ingredients to help solve that problem”.

What makes Dubi Katz company unique from all the others?

The natural medicine industry, which is worth billions of dollars every year, has a lot of good intentions but little science and nearly no technology. We asked Dubi Katz this question and he answered: “We want to make a difference by focusing solely on that deficiency. We believe that having a lot of data, smart algorithms, and a hardware solution at the heart of it all, will allow us to enable them to lead the market and dictate a new and better course”.

In conclusion, Labs 2130 are hoping to help develop an area within a very large industry that could benefit a lot of people by providing a customised solution to each individual and their unique situation, leveraging technological advancements, robotics, and artificial intelligence, and developing the right machine to help create those same solutions for the individual.

To contact Dubi Katz or learn more about his initiatives, you can visit his website or his Twitter profile.