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Economical Excursions: Planning a Delhi to Colombo Flight on a Budget


Step into your holiday mood with incredible deals on Delhi to Colombo flight tickets. Be it the solo journey you have been longing for a while or a romantic getaway with your partner, the best highlight of any trip is budget-friendly flight tickets.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the stirring mountains, walking through the city roads of this captivating city, and absorbing the lush and vibrant atmosphere of nature. From enjoying the scenic monuments to trying out local delectable delicacies in the streets, you get to experience all these with Cleartrip’s budget-friendly flight tickets.

While Cleartrip ensures you have budget-friendly tickets for your much-awaited vacation, here are some of the measures you can take:

1. Have A Plan In Place

If you have a lot of time and some extra money, then traveling luxuriously sounds great. However, when you are considering budget-friendly travel, nothing starts without a proper plan in place. While you don’t need to list every detail of your travel plans, you should have a plan of the best routes to visit certain places, budget-friendly accommodations, and the duration of your getaway. The more you leave things to fate, the more you are prone to unexpected spending.

2. Consider Traveling Out Of The Season

We are more prone to go for a holiday during summer or winter break. However, these are the times when ticket prices go up as the demand for tickets increases. If you already have your mind made for a destination, check out the popular time to visit the place. With that information to yourself, try looking for flights a little early or a little late from that popular time. It is known as the shoulder season, where the sun may not shine that bright, or there is a little less snow, but you could still enjoy a great holiday at a reasonable price.

3. Consider Airbnb Rather Than Luxury Hotels

Once again, while traveling lavishly sounds nice, how long do you expect to spend in your room? Consider going with the alternative choice, like staying in an Airbnb, as in that way, you will save a lot of money.

4. Do Double-Check On The Packing

While this is more of a precaution on your journey, it is important as you don’t wish to miss something essential while traveling. For example, if you are an iPhone user and you forget to pack the charger, imagine what a big hassle that would be. In fact, you might have to purchase a new charger, and that too is for a few days.

5. Midweek Travels Are Cost-Friendly

Here’s a travel tip for you! If you have the luxury to go out on a holiday during weekdays, try looking for tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as ticket prices on these two days usually are lower than on the other days.

Bottom Line

Turn your plans into trips with the assistance of Cleartrip. From booking flight tickets to booking accommodations at your destination, Cleartrip can aid you in all your travel needs.