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Hogwarts Legacy – Troll Bogeys Location


If you’re unfamiliar, Troll Bogeys are as disgusting as they sound. Unfortunately, one of Professor Onai’s responsibilities for you at Hogwarts Legacy is to harvest this valuable nasal resource directly from the source. Troll Bogeys are just what their name implies: snot, or mucus, from a troll’s nose. Grim, but useful. This is a necessary ingredient for making the Invisibility Potion. This article will explain Troll Bogey’s placement in the Hogwarts Legacy:

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Troll Bogeys Location

If you wish to find Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy, your first stop should be Troll Lairs. Fighting a troll is the quickest way to obtain its bogeys, as they are the only item dropped by these creatures and can be found in Troll Lairs.

Hogwarts Legacy - Troll Bogeys Location

Troll Lairs are marked on the map with an inverted triangle icon, including a cave/den emblem inside. These icons represent Lairs for various species, and you may hover over them on your map to see the type of location you’re looking at named in the bottom left. You’ll locate one west of Feldcroft and Rookwood Castle.

Hogwarts Legacy - Troll Bogeys Location

Trolls will certainly appear throughout the tale, including in several main and side objectives. Ultimately, the troll is one of the only larger boss adversaries you will see during the game.

Where to Purchase Troll Bogeys

If you don’t want to fight for bogeys, you can buy them if you have some extra cash.

  • Go to Hogsmeade and visit J. Pippins Potions Shop.
  • He will sell Troll Bogeys at 100 Galleons each.


How do you hit the troll in Hogwarts Legacy?

In general, maintain your distance. The troll will usually pick up and toss a rock at you. This is simple to counter with Protego, and if you have ancient magic throwing abilities, you can chuck the rock back at the troll. If the rock strikes, it will temporarily stun the troll, allowing 1-2 spells to be cast.

How do you take the troll club in Hogwarts Legacy?

The troll will slam its club to the ground and remain in that position for a moment. When the troll misses the slam assault, players must cast Flipendo quickly—that’s all there is to it.

Can you petrify a troll Hogwarts Legacy?

If you can sneak up on a troll without it or its allies noticing you, you will be able to cast Petrificus Totalus on it. This will not petrify the troll because it is too large for that. However, the spell does wipe out a considerable percentage of health from these big giants, making it simpler to beat trolls.

What is the hardest enemy in Hogwarts Legacy?

The last fight of Hogwarts Legacy is, unsurprisingly, the most difficult and powerful boss in the game. It is quite tough to block the majority of the dragon’s blows, therefore players should concentrate on dodging during this encounter.

How do you become a villain in Hogwarts Legacy?

While you can make morally problematic choices and cast spells, you cannot be canonically wicked in Hogwarts Legacy. Essentially, there is no variation of the plot in which you are acknowledged as intrinsically wicked and grow to become a proto-Voldemort.