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Elden Ring: How to Get Back Black Knife Armor


In Elden Ring, the sinister Black Knife armor set provides both martial protection and an aura of mystery perfect for assassin builds. With deep black hues and concealing face masks, this shrouded gear embodies the aspect of a silent killer. Retrievable in the frozen Consecrated Snowfield, donning the Black Knife attire muffles movement to enable stealthy infiltration. For those seeking to stalk the shadows on their quest to become Elden Lord, this stylish and intimidating armor is an ideal complement to blade and subterfuge.

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How To Unlock Consecrated Snowfield

Elden Ring: Black Knife Armor

To gain access to the Consecrated Snowfield, you’ll first need to collect both halves of the Haligtree Medallion. One piece is held by an npc in the Albinauric Village, obtained by destroying the pot he cowers beneath. The other half is a drop from Commander Niall at Castle Sol after defeating him in battle.

With the secret medallion assembled, ride the Grand Lift of Rold up to the frost-covered heights. Step carefully through the blizzard, heading north past spectral spirits. Scale down cliffs and ruins until the abandoned town of Ordina comes into view. Site of Grace can be found here to provide respite before the final leg of the journey.

Elden Ring: Black Knife Armor

Among the sealed magical towers, the prize waits untouched beneath obscuring snowdrifts. Now it’s time to claim your reward.

Heading Through The Consecrated Snowfield

The path from the starting area is pretty straightforward. Players will want to head inside and go up the large staircase to the left, proceeding through the door and then to the right up another staircase towards a waiting Site of Grace.

Elden Ring: Black Knife Armor

Proceeding outside from the Site of Grace will put players in the Consecrated Snowfields, a snow-filled area with torrential winds and low visibility. Players should be careful navigating the area as there are many wolves, demi-humans, and other enemies prowling around.

Elden Ring: Black Knife Armor

As soon as players step into the Consecrated Snowfields, they’ll want to head North. It can be difficult to see the surrounding area, so players should focus on keeping their compass pointed North until they can come out on the other side of the low-visibility area.

Elden Ring: Black Knife Armor

Many small cliffs look as if they drop on forever, but players should be safe to drop down most of them without dying. Once players are far enough North, they should spot what appears to be an abandoned town with magical seals throughout it, similar to Sellia. At the start of the town there is a Site of Grace hidden behind a small wall.

How To Get Black Knife Armor Set In Elden Ring

From the Ordina Site of Grace, head west past the outer structures. Move carefully along the edge of town counterclockwise until a grand glowing staircase appears. Beneath the steps in a dark hollow lies a corpse clutching the Black Knife Armor set. Collect each piece – the helm, chest armor, gauntlets and greaves – to fully assemble this Stygian outfit.

Don the ominous attire to embody the aspect of a silent assassin. The full set minimizes sound while moving to make stealthy infiltration easier. Mix and match pieces with your current armor to find the ideal balance of stealth, protection and stamina efficiency for your build. With the Black Knife garb secured, disappearing into the shadows has never been simpler.

Harnessing the Aura of a Mysterious Killer

The Black Knife Armor’s name betrays its deadly origins. Forged for covert sect of assassins who carried out the Night of the Black Knives plot, this gear is stained with deception. The armor’s deep black hue and concealing face mask provide an instantly intimidating look. Together with its noise dampening qualities, the appearance alone can instill fear and uncertainty.

Allowing the armor’s infamous legacy to work in your favor can grant a powerful psychological edge. Foes who catch but a glimpse of the Black Knife’s shrouded form may waver in their resolve. Lean into your sinister aesthetic with blackened weapons like the Blade of Calling or Eclipse Shotel to complete the persona. For those who strike from the darkness, image can be as potent as skill.

The True Purpose of the Black Knife Revealed

Seeking greater power and demigodhood drove the original Black Knife assassins to treason and kinslaying. Their plum and olivine daggers fragmented the Elden Ring itself upon the Night of Black Knives. Though their plot succeeded, it also unleashed the Shattering which devastated the Lands Between.

So while donning the Black Knife Armor provides valuable abilities, its past serves as a grim reminder. Will you continue walking the assassins’ sinister path now that their armor is yours? Or forge your own destiny in the bloody tapestry of Elden Ring’s chaos and ambition? The choice belongs to any Tarnished bold enough to claim this sable prize from its snowbound altar.


Q: Where do you find the Black Knife Armor set in Elden Ring?

A: The Black Knife Armor is located in the Consecrated Snowfield, under the large glowing staircase in the abandoned town of Ordina.

Q: How do you unlock the Consecrated Snowfield area?

A: You need to collect both halves of the Haligtree Medallion, one in Elphael and one after beating Commander Niall. Take them to the Grand Lift of Rold to reach the Snowfield.

Q: What are the stats and benefits of the Black Knife Armor?

A: The armor provides decent physical protection and poise. Its key benefit is reducing the sound made while moving, making it perfect for stealth builds.

Q: What weapons pair well with the Black Knife Armor set?

A: Other black-colored weapons like the Blade of Calling or Eclipse Shotel fit the assassin aesthetic. Daggers, bows, and status-effect weapons also complement the armor’s stealth focus.