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Remnant 2: How to Get to Alepsis Taura


In Remnant 2, the coveted Void Heart relic offers mastery over strange power, but remains sealed in the hidden realm of Alepsis Taura. Reaching this eerie desert landscape requires completing obscure steps on N’Erud. Monoliths and abandoned ruins dot the barren wastes. Atop a lonely hill sits the Void Heart, promising control over supernatural forces. For those pursuing forbidden knowledge, this guide unravels the secrets to accessing Alepsis Taura and claiming the Void Heart relic to unlock mystical talents beyond imagination.

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How to Get to Alepsis-Taura in Remnant 2

Remnant 2: Alepsis Taura

The first step is completing the Seeker’s Keys campaign on N’Erud. Search the planet to discover all three hidden keys, then go to the Spectral Guardian world boss, Sha’Hala. Engage Sha’Hala as normal without using the Override Pin item. Defeat the boss using standard tactics, and then wait 12 real-world hours or adjust your system’s internal clock forward by that time.

Return to Ward-13 and warp back to N’Erud. You’ll notice the map now shows widespread corruption, with one untouched area called Alepsis Taura in the far northwest region. Interact with the checkpoint to travel to this mysterious location.

What’s on Alepsis-Taura in Remnant 2

Alepsis Taura is a stark, open wasteland with little except sand and stone. In the distance, colossal monoliths stand against the skyline. A single checkpoint provides respite from the lifeless landscape. Feel free to explore the wide expanse, but be ready to defend yourself from enemies.

Remnant 2: Alepsis Taura

Just north of the checkpoint is a glowing relic embedded in the rocks – the Void Heart. Interact with it to add this powerful item to your inventory. The Void Heart enhances anomaly damage, making it a key component in mystical builds. This potent relic is the main reward for reaching Alepsis Taura.

A handful of abandoned stone structures are scattered across the desert. Search inside to discover audio logs left behind by former inhabitants. These recordings provide traces of the forbidden knowledge and experiments that led to the realm’s devastation. They offer cryptic clues about Alepsis Taura’s shrouded history.

Unlocking New Potential

The Void Heart’s anomaly boosting properties are crucial for relic hunters pursuing the elusive Archon archetype. This profession focuses on unleashing powerful spells and status effects. At the end of the game’s Labyrinth dungeon, a corrupted portal leads to a secret boss – but can only be dispelled by an Archon wielding the Void Heart.

By traveling to the isolated land of Alepsis Taura, players can secure this vital relic for their arsenal. The Void Heart is a requirement for accessing this hidden end-game content. Though the journey is perilous, the reward is control over mystical energies beyond imagination. For wand-wielders seeking to maximize their anomalous talents, the Void Heart unlocks their true potential.


Q: Where is Alepsis Taura located in Remnant 2?

A: Alepsis Taura can be found on the planet N’Erud. It’s in the northwest region of the map, accessible after completing specific steps.

Q: What do I need to do to unlock Alepsis Taura?

A: You must complete the Seeker’s Keys campaign on N’Erud, defeat the Spectral Guardian boss, wait 12 hours, then return to the planet to access Alepsis Taura.

Q: What can I find in the Alepsis Taura area?

A: The main item is the Void Heart relic, which boosts anomaly damage. There are also audio logs with background lore and some minor loot in the structures.

Q: Why should I go through the trouble of visiting Alepsis Taura?

A: The Void Heart relic you obtain is required for late-game content like defeating the secret boss through the corrupted portal. It’s very useful for anomaly builds.