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Endless Dungeon – How to Get Comrade


You can choose from and play various amusing characters in Endless Dungeon. Everybody has their advantages and disadvantages, and some are unquestionably superior to others. Gaining more possibilities through secret character acquisition makes assembling a squad with a teammate much simpler. Each of the three unique benefits that characterize a Hero’s playstyle allows them to perform with a great deal of amusing diversity. You will learn how to obtain allies in the endless dungeon by reading this article:

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How to Get Comrade

Comrade is an artificial intelligence (AI) robot designed to serve the Endless. It’s also known as a Remnant. They were hitmen, basically, with all the enormous fighting prowess and ability you would expect from a hired shot.

In order to benefit from his passive, active, and ultimate, you should unlock him. All you have to do is make your first entry into the Transcendence Center to unlock Comrade as a playable character. After that, you can choose him when you get back to the lobby.

Endless Dungeon - How to Get Comrade

How to Use Comrade

Though Comrade can be utilized in a variety of ways, I think his turrets work best when they are in front of any Wave Spawner. As you relax and observe, this will unleash its fury on adversaries. You can leave the room and feel free to leave Comrade there.  Comrade can also be made into a tank that takes hits while you deal damage from a distance. He has a few powerful upgrades, such as Nanoblood, which provides a 30% health boost and increases his resistance to damage.

Comrade is undoubtedly one of the greatest heroes to have with you when facing a challenging boss fight because he essentially serves as an additional member of your party. When you inflict damage on your own, his turrets can cause chaos for bosses who may turn their attention to them. My preference is to place them in a crossfire death zone.


How many playable characters are in Endless Dungeon?

In the game, there are eight playable characters that fall under the Hand Gun and Heavy Gun classes. Every character possesses special talents and abilities. Because each character has different attack power, toughness, and support skills, players may plan their games and select the ideal team of heroes.

How do you unlock Cartie in Endless Dungeon?

In the Labor Colony region, Cartie can be unlocked. Cartie is a character that specializes in dealing damage and buffing the Bot. You can unlock Cartie by continuing through the game until you get to this area.

Who is the best hero in Endless Dungeon?

Since Comrade has everything you need to win the game, he easily wins the title of best hero in Endless Dungeon. You can position your own turrets (up to three with chips) anywhere with his Skill.

Who is the fastest character in Dungeon of the Endless?

Sara is an excellent scout and the best crystal runner there is, without a doubt. She is the fastest hero in the game by far, and the only one to get speed boosts at every stage. Without any gear, she can reach level 15 at 60 mph. Sara’s whole outfit is designed to help her move fast and get where she needs to be.

How do you disable core defenses in Endless Dungeon?

Red Steles are the visual representation of Active Core Defenses, and Dust cannot neutralize them. Rather, you must obtain one of the three Core Crypto Keys from Floor 3 of the Districts. For additional runs, each key disables one Active Core Defense.