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Fire Emblem Engage – How to Get Pact Ring


One important item in Fire Emblem Engage that a character needs to obtain in order to reach S-rank is the Pact Ring. In Fire Emblem Engage, romance is a possibility for players as Alear can declare her love to another character. It takes some time to get there, though. You may learn how to gain the pact ring in the fire symbol engage by reading this article:

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What is The Pact Ring?

A unique item you obtain after reading Chapter 22 of the narrative is the Pact Ring. It enables users to use any character to unlock S-rank supports. As your relationships with characters deepen in Engage, you’ll see that support moves from C-rank to A-rank.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Pact Ring

You can advance to S-rank using the Pact Ring, the greatest level of character assistance available. Along with granting access to Alear’s Emblem Form, the Pact Ring also increases the crit and dodge stats of both Alear and the other Pact Ring wearer.

How to Get a Pact Ring

It won’t be until you’re almost done with Fire Emblem Engage that you can receive Pact Ring to start a fresh romance with a love interest. A new Paralogue will appear at the Garden of Memories once Chapter 22 has been finished. You are tasked with retrieving the Pact Ring from The Connector, which you will use to propose to corrupted adversaries.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Pact Ring

The procedure is in two steps. To get it back before the opponent leaves the stage, you must first beat Corrupted, who snatched it off the pedestal. After obtaining the ring, you must eliminate every Corrupted entity on the map. This is a rather hard fight, so having a large group of individuals skilled with healing staves nearby will be quite beneficial.

How to Use the Pact Ring

Players can present any character on the Somniel with whom they have attained A-Rank Support by taking the Pact Ring out of the Drawer in Alear’s quarters after obtaining it from the Connector Paralogue.

Players may have to spend some time in bed resting until the character they’re looking for becomes available because the characters that may be located around the Somniel vary depending on the time of day.  The Somniel Map shows which characters are in which areas. Players must carefully consider which character to gift the Pact Ring to, as it can only be bestowed upon one.

It’s perfectly OK for players just to select their preferred character because there is only one gameplay modification that results from giving the Pact Ring—not counting the adjustments to the conclusion. Giving someone the Ring causes a unique bond conversation to start and elevates their Support Rank to the top level.


Can you romance rings in Fire Emblem Engage?

Similar to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, this one also revolves around an engagement ring. You can utilize the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage to pop the question to the person of your dreams.

Who can I marry in Fire Emblem Engage?

By delivering a Pact Ring to any party member at the end of the game, the player can effectively initiate a platonic commitment, regardless of gender.

Who is the main villain in Fire Emblem Engage?

The primary antagonist in Fire Emblem Engage, Sombron poses the greatest threat to the continent of Elyos. He is bent on chaos and destruction because he is a Fell Dragon.

What gender should I choose in Fire Emblem Engage?

Even if Elden Ring isn’t an RPG with as many customization possibilities as this series has, having two gender options is still preferable to one. Players of Fire Emblem Engage will initially see a screen displaying their options for the protagonist’s gender when they boot up the game.

Can you miss any characters in Fire Emblem Engage?

The first person you might miss is Jean, a budding physician who is accessible in Chapter 6. Make sure to have an Alear talk with him during the Budding Talent Paralogue in order to recruit him. Anna: Mystical Fire Emblem longtime vendor Additionally, Anna returns to Fire Emblem Engage as a character that is missed.