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Enshrouded – How to Invite Friends


In the brand-new fantasy survival game Enshrouded, players explore Embervale, a world overrun by an enigmatic, corrupting fog. While you can explore this universe alone, it’s meant to be played cooperatively with other players. If you’re curious about how to ask friends to play together in Enshrouded, this article will walk you through the process:

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How to Invite Friends

You must launch an online game in Enshrouded before inviting people to your world or server. Upon starting Enshrouded, choose the Host Game menu item. You will then be asked to choose the character or world you want to host. To keep things secret, you must set a password and a server name.

Enshrouded - How to Invite Friends

After choosing the Join Game option on their client, your friend can join you by providing the server name and password you sent them. A single server can accommodate up to 16 people in total. Furthermore, it is feasible to establish dedicated servers in Enshrouded. Although GPortal is the official server provider for Keen Games, alternative server providers ought to function just as well.

The primary distinction is that all participants can access the globe through dedicated servers even when the host is unavailable. The host must initiate the game on a typical in-game server before other players may locate it on the server list and join it.

How to Start a Private Solo Server

You may easily hop into a private solo server and keep to yourself if you’re new to Enshrouded and learning the ropes or just want to test a build while you’re not playing with others. This server won’t be available to anybody else and will only be saved locally—unless you decide to make it public later.

  • Pick Play from the main menu.
  • Choose Private from the play selection screen.
  • In the New Game section, click the Create button. You can start playing the game right away after naming your server.

Enshrouded - How to Invite Friends

  • This is where you may get a list of all your private servers when you get back into the game.


Can you play enshrouded coop?

Participate in 16 player cooperative gaming with pals. Establish distinct roles and complementary abilities that will demonstrate your value in combat as you and your allies raid, seize riches, and defeat the Fell hordes that devastate the region.

Will Enshrouded have NPCs?

In order to progress through the game Enshrouded, you must interact with the NPC characters. As soon as you can, unlock them all from the Springlands section. Then, complete their missions to advance your crafting skills at each round.

How do you get carpenter Enshrouded?

By traveling to his unique Ancient Vault, which is located far to the southeast of the map, you can locate the Carpenter. You must walk across a region that is covered in the Shroud, so proceed with caution. Indeed, there are even lethal mists enveloping the ruins you will finally penetrate.

Does Enshrouded have PVP?

Even though Enshrouded lacks player-versus-player gameplay, outsiders are nonetheless robbing and harassing people. The new early access survival game does not allow player killing, but it is rather simple to ruin the cooperative atmosphere. Enshrouded is a survival game without player-versus-player gameplay, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t methods to harm other players.