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Minecraft Legends – How to Customize Your Hotbar


A key feature in Minecraft Legends is the ability to customize your hotbar, which allows you to move faster in crucial combat scenarios. Several melodies—, action sequences—that are automatically allocated to the hotbars will appear as the game proceeds. It will be easier for you to plan out your attacks on the enemy base, assemble resources, and build fortifications. This post will teach you how to alter your Hotbar in Minecraft Legends:

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How to Customize Your Hotbar

Depending on whether you are playing the game on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console, you can alter your Hotbar in Minecraft Legends by utilizing the Songbook, which you can reach by pressing the ‘R’ key on your PC keyboard and the corresponding button on your controller.

Minecraft Legends - How to Customize Your Hotbar

IMPORTANT TIP – Open the pause menu in Minecraft Legends and use the “How To Play” option to see how to access Songbook. Next, locate the shortcut buttons for each of the four hotbars and the Songbook by scrolling to the Hotbars section.

Minecraft Legends - How to Customize Your Hotbar

When the Songbook opens, you’ll see four distinct tabs, each of which represents a different kind of hotbar that you can see below:

  • Upgrade hotbar – A hotbar that plays music to assist you with maintenance and renovation projects.
  • Spawning hotbar – A musical hotbar that spawns various golems and other allies to help you in combat.
  • Gathering hotbar – A hotbar with many song selections that you can use to get various Overworld resources.
  • Structure hotbar – The construction hotbar, as its name implies, contains tunes that you may use to construct various structures, like towers, walls, and staircases.

Minecraft Legends - How to Customize Your Hotbar

Select the tab whose hotbar you wish to modify based on your needs, then click the corresponding button to begin the customization process. When you exit the menu after finishing, your freshly fully customized hotbar will be ready. Press the Spacebar key on a PC to begin customizing your hotbar.

How to Use Your Hotbar

In Minecraft Legends, there are four distinct hotbars that you can utilize. You may quickly access your commands, resources, buildings, units, etc. with each of them.

By glancing at the bottom left corner of the screen, you may tell which hotbar you are now using. The hotkeys that will enable you to quickly move between various hotbars are located there as well.


How do you open your songbook in Minecraft Legends?

The Songbook is one of your most important tools in Minecraft Legends, even if it’s easy to forget. Located at the right joystick button on the controller by default, the Songbook serves as a central location for all the things you’ve seen and can accomplish in Minecraft Legends.

How do you find the melody in Minecraft Legends?

The song for harvesting a resource can be unlocked by building the Improvement, and doing so typically also unlocks the melodies for constructions constructed with that resource.

How do you get rid of minions in Minecraft Legends?

As of right now, killing mobs in Minecraft Legends is the only reliable way to cause them to “despawn,” and dropping them in lava is the best way to accomplish that.

Why can’t I spawn mobs in Minecraft Legends?

If your mob cap has already been achieved, sadly, you won’t be able to generate any more, so you’ll need to remove some of your current mobs before adding the ideal one for the job.